17th July 2017: Review round up for Partikel’s Counteraction includes ★★★★★ from Jazzthetik, ★★★★1/2 from The Jazz Mann and ★★★★ from The Guardian, All About Jazz and Kind of Jazz


Duncan Eagles – saxophones

Max Luthert – double bass

Eric Ford – drums and percussion

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Latest press highlights for Counteraction:

“A continuous flow of musical narrative… Incorporating elements of jazz, prog rock and chamber music… Constantly refreshing and extremely enriching.”
★★★★★ Jazzthetik (website)

“Richly textured and contrapuntal arrangements enhanced by the imaginative choice of instrumentation.​”
★★★★​ ​All About Jazz (full review)

“Free thinking, cinematic and orchestral stories… Full of tension, challenges and artistic integrity.”
Jazz Zeitung (website)

“Electronic elements yet organic development… The trio toys with the unexpected.”
Musik Reviews (website)

 “​Supple trio finds new warmth and appeal​.”
★★★★​ The Guardian (full review)

“An album that’s rich in ideas, atmosphere and textures. It will reward broad minds.”
Prog Magazine (website)

★★★★1/2 ‘Partikel
The Jazz Mann Live Review

“There’s a beautiful touch of blues and folk inspiration.”
★★★★ Kind Of Jazz (full review)

“A strong, cohesive band sound that fuses jazz with classical and electronic elements in an organic-homogeneous manner.”
Radio Dreyeckland (website)