Partikel are three London-based musicians with very different musical backgrounds who have come together to make music that mixes their favorite influences in a melodic, coherent and accurate way.  With Duncan Eagles on saxophones, Max Luthert on double bass and Eric Ford on drums, they’ve become the center of a lot of critical acclaim since their formation in 2009, and Gaffa Music exclaims “Partikel bring the European Jazz Scene something incredibly dynamic and original” while Jazzwise Magazine asserts the band is “one of the hottest young bands on the UK scene.” As a band, they relentlessly rehearse, tour and hold residencies, honing a band sound that is incredibly tight and cohesive.

Drawing influence from African and Latin American music combined with the style of the contemporary jazz scene, Partikel produce a personal and committed sound. Their music puts an interesting and original twist on the standard jazz saxophone trio format while still honoring the tradition of deep harmony and creative improvisation. Soulful melodies are combined seamlessly with complex mixed-meter vamps along with an instantly identifiable energy and band sound.  Since releasing their eponymous debut album in 2010 they immediately established themselves as a dynamic and original addition on the European scene.  “The three of us are always swapping CD’s and checking out what each other are listening to,” Eagles explains.

The band also have been running a successful night for the past five years at one of London’s premier venues ‘The Hideaway’ in Streatham (SE London). As bassist Max Luthert rightly states, “We have been hanging out and playing together so much over the past five years this is really starting to develop a strong and cohesive band sound.” Rarely do groups get the opportunity to work together and develop their art as much as Partikel has, which results in a fresh, melodic and fiercely interactive approach to passionate and sincere music making.

Cohesion, their second release and first for Whirlwind Recordings, was received with high praise from the international music press, and was included in Jazzwise Magazine’s best albums list of 2012 (picked by none other than the renown, award-wining music journalist Kevin Le Gendre). Other artists in this top ten included Robert Glasper, Steve Lehman, Gregory Porter and Billy Hart.  

Partikel continue to push their own boundaries as a band and demonstrate this fully with their third, ambitious new album String Theory that features four of the UK’s most sought-after string players: Benet McLean, David Le Page on violins, Carmen Flores on viola and Matthew Sharp on cello.  The album releases in May 2014 and sees Partikel up its own game as one of the UK’s premier young bands working in improvisation-based music.