13th March 2017: “New stories brimming with invention.” Jazzwise Magazine feature + review of Partikel’s Counteraction prior to its release March 24th


“Diverse and symphonic… New stories bursting with invention.”
Jazzwise Magazine

Jazzwise Magazine feature – March 2017 (above)

Since their Whirlwind debut as an acoustic trio (Cohesion, 2012), Partikel have progressively pushed at the developmental possibilities, and 2015’s String Theory – augmenting the line-up of Duncan Eagles (saxophones), Max Luthert (double bass) and Eric Ford (drums) with string quartet – generated significant interest. Vibrant new release Counteraction shifts up yet another gear introducing atmospheric electric guitarist Ant Law, flautist and baritone saxophonist Anna Cooper, and electronic sound designer Sisi Lu. The compositions (mostly by Eagles) explore fascinating textural avenues, balancing and integrating them with the band’s original sax, bass and drums identity to create often strikingly unusual resonances.

Release date: March 24th 2017

Discover Counteraction: www.whirlwindrecordings.com/counteraction