JC Sanford Orchestra


The JC Sanford Orchestra performs the original works of composer/conductor/trombonist JC Sanford. His compositions push the limits of what is “expected” in a modern large ensemble setting without totally abandoning traditions of the genre, sounding adventurous while remaining “accessible.” This 15-piece ensemble features his personal blend of chamber music, world musics, and modern jazz textures, employing a uniquely colored instrumentation collection. The group consists of some of the most unique and creative voices in the New York City area.

JC Sanford – composer, conductor, trombone; Satoshi Takeishi – percussion; Jacob Garchik – accordion; Tom Beckham – vibraphone; Meg Okura – violin, electronics; Will Martina – cello, electronics; Aidan O’Donnell – double bass; Dan Willis – oboe, piccolo, flute, soprano sax; Ben Kono – English horn, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, alto saxophone; Chris Bacas – clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone; Kenny Berger – contra-alto clarinet, bassoon, alto flute; Taylor Haskins – trumpet, flugelhorn, harmonizer; Matt Holman – trumpet, flugelhorn; Mark Patterson – tenor trombone; Jeff Nelson – tuba, bass trombone; Chris Komer – French horn; Asuka Katitani – guest conductor (on Views from the Inside she conducts on “Robins in Snow” & “Verrazano Bikeride”).