George Crowley


George Crowley is one of the most prominent new voices among the sea of burgeoning creative musicians living in London, England. A performer who is equally adept at both saxophone and clarinet, he is instantly recognizable by his expressively direct tone and infectious improvisations. Moreover, Crowley is increasingly recognized by fellow musicians and critics alike for his strong gifts in composition, which carry the fine quality of equally marrying both mind and heart while providing ample yet surprising room for his improvising bandmates.

After spending his undergraduate years as a student of English Literature in Cambridge, George immersed himself into the London Jazz Scene in 2007, when he began studying for a Masters in Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music. It was at the RAM where he received lessons and guidance from inspirational musicians such as Iain Ballamy, Stan Sulzmann, Martin Speake and James Allsopp, while developing highly personal and lasting relationships with the other musicians at the Academy. Since graduation, he has become a much in-demand saxophonist among his peers and further afield, playing in many ensembles on the London scene, while recording as a sideman in the Rick Simpson Quartet and Yuriy Galkin’s Nonet (both projects will release albums in 2012).

As well as leading his own quartet (with Kit Downes, Calum Gourlay and James Maddren), George is also involved in the London scene as a promoter, and manages a regular series at London’s premier ‘underground’ club, the Con Cellar Bar, which has become a mainstay of the London Jazz and Improvised music scene.

In May of 2012, Crowley unleashes his creativity upon listeners with the highly anticipated release of his debut album on Whirlwind Recordings Ltd, titled ‘Paper Universe.’ With a supporting cast of his regular working quartet members Kit Downes, Calum Gourlay and James Maddren, the ensemble showcases an uncanny display of musical and compositional depth from a group made up of ‘twenty-somethings,’ and will no doubt catapult his reputation from an ‘up and coming’ to an established creative musician worthy of the attention of the international jazz community.