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Red Circle is the debut release from international acclaimed pianist Simon Purcell, currently the Head of Jazz at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance and Music in London, where he is known as one of Europe’s premier educators.  Purcell’s band is comprised of some of the most important contributors to the UK’s creative music scene during the last two decades: double bassist Steve Watts (Printmakers, Loose Tubes, Iain Ballamy), Gene Calderazzo (Partisans, Pharoah Sanders, Joey Calderazzo, Zoe Rahman), Julian Siegel (Partisans, Joey Barron, Kenny Wheeler, Django Bates, John Taylor) and Chris Batchelor (Big Air, Loose Tubes, Brotherhood of Breath, Hermeto Pascoal).



We’ve just been alerted to a great first review for the album which drops next month on the 10th of November from Marlbank and we reprint a highlight quote below.

“One of the most accomplished homegrown acoustic jazz releases of the year so far. The head of jazz at Trinity-Laban’s first album for Whirlwind, the best UK indie jazz label for a while now in terms of the quantity and quality of its output, there’s something timeless about the appeal here in much the way that you can listen to an old Wayne Shorter record and it still seems modern and relevant, the collected wisdom of a lost time where the music sums up the pensive mood but celebrates the musical abandon so persuasively.”
4 Stars, Marlbank


Preview tracks now up on the Red Circle page

Now you can listen to previews of the entire album over on the Red Circle page.  Simon and band will be performing at the Pizza Express Jazz Club as a featured act during the EFG London Jazz Festival on Sunday November 16th. This will be his official release concert for the album.




http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/one-of-the-most-accomplished-homegrown-acoustic-jazz-releases-of-the-year-so-far-says-marlbank-about-simon-purcells-debut-album-red-circle-new-preview-tracks-up/feed/ 0
18 WWR Artists to be featured next month at EFG London Jazz Festival 2014http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/18-wwr-artists-to-be-featured-next-month-at-efg-london-jazz-festival/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/18-wwr-artists-to-be-featured-next-month-at-efg-london-jazz-festival/#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:22:57 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14144 Read More]]>  

Tornado London Jazz Fest-01(1)

Greetings everyone: We’re happy to announce 18 artists who have released albums on Whirlwind will be featured acts at next month’s EFG London Jazz Festival produced by Serious, with many other label artists performing as either a sideman/woman across the capital.

Below is a snapshot of what’s in store with links to music & video samples, personnel, as well as booking information. Look forward to seeing you at the shows and as always thank you for the continued support.

14 November: Paul Jackson TrioThe Hideaway, official European launch concert for Groove Or Die.
14 November: Rachael Cohen QuartetSouthbank Centre, playing music from Halftime.
14 November: Euan Burton & Occurrences w/ special guest Ryan QuigleyRoyal Albert Hall, official UK launch concert for Too Much Love.
15 November
: Ollie Howell Group
The Clore Ballroom/Royal Festival Hall (Jazz Line Up event), playing music from Sutures & Stitches.
15 November: George Crowley BandThe Green Note, playing music from Paper Universe as well as new material for his upcoming 2015 release.
16November: Jeff Williams SextetThe Green Note, playing music from his recent Brazil trip + The Listener.
16 November: Simon Purcell’s ‘Red Circle’Pizza Express Jazz Club, the official UK launch of Simon’s long awaited debut album Red Circle.
16 November: Tori Freestone TrioThe Purcell Room, playing music from In The Chop House.
16 November: Gareth Lockrane’s ‘Grooveyard Unplugged’The Forge, playing music from The Strut.
17 November: Nia Lynn’s Bannau TrioPizza Express Jazz Club, playing music from Points of View.
17 November:  Ollie Howell GroupThe Vortex, playing music from Sutures & Stitches.
18 November: Andre Canniere BandPizza Express Jazz Club, playing music from Coalescence.
18 November: Tori Freestone TrioServant Jazz Quarters, playing music from In The Chop House.
19 November: Alice Zawadzki BandRoyal Albert Hall, playing music from her debut China Lane.
20 November: Dan TepferWigmore Hall, playing Goldberg Variations (solo piano).  Dan is featured on our recent release with Lee Konitz, Michael Janisch and Jeff Williams, First Meeting.
20 November: PartikelThe Venue, playing all new music from their upcoming 2015 String Theory. Partikel released Cohesion with us.
21 November: PartisansThe Vortex, playing music from Swamp.
22 & 23 November: Zhenya Strigalev’s ‘Smiling Organizm’ band – Charlie Wright’s (22 Info) (23 Info), playing music from Smiling Organizm as well as new music to be released in 2015.
22 November: John Escreet TrioKing’s Place, playing music from his recent trio record.  John released Sabotage & Celebration with us last year.
23 November: Robert Mitchell Invocation ft Panacea + Bournemouth Symphony Chorus + Goldsmiths (Big) StringsQueen Elizabeth Hall, playing all new music for a major commission.  Robert released The Glimpse with us last year.
http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/18-wwr-artists-to-be-featured-next-month-at-efg-london-jazz-festival/feed/ 0
Alice Zawadzki is ‘something of a phenomenom’ says MOJO Magazine in 4 Star review + headline performance at the Royal Albert Hall Nov 19 at EFG London Jazz Festivalhttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/alice-zawadzki-is-something-of-a-phenomenom-says-mojo-magazine-in-4-star-review-headline-performance-at-the-royal-albert-hall-nov-19-at-efg-london-jazz-festival/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/alice-zawadzki-is-something-of-a-phenomenom-says-mojo-magazine-in-4-star-review-headline-performance-at-the-royal-albert-hall-nov-19-at-efg-london-jazz-festival/#comments Wed, 15 Oct 2014 10:13:21 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14119 Read More]]> Alice_Zawadzki_web920x550_920_550shar-20_s_c1

“With her glacial, folksy vocals and puckish fiddle, Alice Zawadzki would be notable enough. Add her compositional range and whimsical hyper-creativity and she becomes something of a phenomenon.”
4 Stars MOJO Magazine

Alice Zawadzki is having a fantastic year since the release of her debut album China Lane, and this latest review in MOJO magazine affirms what many in the international press have exclaimed is the arrival of a truly original new voice in contemporary music.


MOJO Alice


As her recent sold out shows at Pizza Express Jazz Club have affirmed, Alice and her band are a hot ticket live.

Excitedly, she will be headlining at this years EFG London Jazz Festival at the Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room on November 19th.  Please click here for bookings.

And we’ll have news soon on when you can listen to Alice’s live session she just recorded on the Jamie Cullum BBC Radio 2 show.


http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/alice-zawadzki-is-something-of-a-phenomenom-says-mojo-magazine-in-4-star-review-headline-performance-at-the-royal-albert-hall-nov-19-at-efg-london-jazz-festival/feed/ 0
RELEASE DAY: Jochen Rueckert’s ‘We Make The Rules’ out today, worldwide! ft. Mark Turner, Lage Lund, Matt Penman + reviews from The Guardian, AP Reviews, The Jazz Mann, Bebop Spoken herehttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-jochen-reuckerts-we-make-the-rules-out-today-worldwide-ft-mark-turner-lage-lund-matt-penman-guardian-ap-reviews-the-jazz-mann-bebop-spoken-here/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-jochen-reuckerts-we-make-the-rules-out-today-worldwide-ft-mark-turner-lage-lund-matt-penman-guardian-ap-reviews-the-jazz-mann-bebop-spoken-here/#comments Tue, 14 Oct 2014 09:52:38 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14112 Read More]]> Jochen Reuckert FB

We’re proud to announce today is the worldwide release of We Make The Rules by Jochen Rueckert. Click here for your copy, or digital download in FLAC, ALAC, MP3 and more.

We’ve also had some great press come in, here are the highlights:

“With each new piece, a world opens.”
Concerto Magazine

“Modern jazz themes cannily reshuffled. Eggshells, for instance, is like Coltrane’s Giant Steps slowed down, Yellow Bottoms has Shorter’s rhythmic capriciousness. Hearing an always-mesmerizing Mark Turner unwrap beautifully balanced long lines over Rueckert’s steady cymbal clip, Penman’s urging basslines and Lund’s guitar-chord chimes is a pleasant diversion. Lund’s buoyant soft-bop solo lines are delightful on Pretty from Afar, the title track stretches a wandering tenor lead over a rocking guitar vamp but tightens as the drums snap, while the ballad Alloplasty features subtle brushwork.”
The Guardian

“This is music that’s contemporary – in the best sense of the word. The guys play with a technique that isn’t misused, a technique that stays true to tradition yet still reaches out to the unknown.”
Bebop Spoken Here

“We Make The Rules is a highly sophisticated album that contains some excellent ensemble and individual playing, one would hardly expect any less from this stellar group of musicians.”
The Jazz Mann

“It radiates an understated warmth and sophistication which is so very appealing.”
AP Reviews


We Make The Rules is the debut WWR release from the multifaceted drummer & composer Jochen Rueckert, a German native who’s been based in NYC since 1995, where he’s become one of the preeminent artists of his generation known for his work with Marc Copland, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nils Wogram’s Root 70, Sam Yahel, Will Vinson and Seamus Blake. Jochen is also renown for his work in electronic music under the alias “Wolff Parkinson White” as well as his long running book series “Read the Rueckert- travel observations and pictures of hotel rooms”.


The album features Reuckert’s quartet, a truly stellar cast of players which has been together since 2009, featuring long standing musical cohorts Mark Turner on tenor saxophone, Lage Lund on guitar and Matt Penman on double bass, all three guiding lights of their generation. Rueckert explains, “I’ve known Mark for about 18 years, I’ve played in his band occasionally and also got to know him while playing in Kurt Rosenwinkel’s band. He’s my favorite tenor player and I used to be at Smalls Jazz Club every Tuesday when he would play in Kurt’s famed group when I first got to NYC in the 90s. Lage I’ve known for 10 years and I love both his tone and the harmonic flow he brings to my songs. We’ve played together a lot, especially in alto saxophonist Will Vinson’s band. Matt is the first great bass player I ever played with and it was an eye-opener. We’ve known each other for over 20 years and were roommates for about four years. We have been playing in Nils Wogram’s band ‘Root 70′ for over a decade and in Sam Yahel’s trio for about 10 years. Playing with him is like riding a bicycle.”

Indeed this playing history and group cohesion is immediately apparent on We Make The Rules, which features all original music that was written by Rueckert around 2011 and subsequently toured internationally before going into the studio to record. “I’m getting a little allergic to ‘project style recordings’, where you play music in the studio without being able to fine tune it on the road,” Rueckert adds. “All said and done, the music on the album was recorded in only seven hours and six of the tracks are first takes, the rest second takes. The perks of having a working band!” The album boasts a pristine sound quality to boot as a result of post production work carried out by one of NY’s all-time sonic gurus James Farber.

Compositionally, the music was conceived with each of his band members in mind and covers a lot of ground while featuring the use of Rueckert’s penchant for writing understated melodies. ‘Yellow Bottoms’, for example, is reminiscent of early 60s compositions by Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock, who are among Jochen’s favorite influences. Drawing from the compositional styles of his peers Hayden Chisholm and Nils Wogram, who churn motives and rhythms around while adding a lot of contrast throughout a song’s sections, ‘Pretty From Afar’ implores these devices by starting out anthemic, then dissolves, picking up again just to ultimately peter out in the last section which ends softly with almost a sense of despair or disappointment. Other influences can be pinpointed to Rueckert’s formative years in the 1990s: Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner and Reid Anderson; there are even hints of 1900s classical music and a quote from a Deftones song on ‘Saul Goodman’. Rueckert’s experiences working in the bands of other musicians come into play as well: “I get frustrated as a sideman when I have to read overly complicated forms, or when the solo sections are then simplified or some separate thing. I purposefully wrote most of the music so that the solos are on the actual forms of the songs, making them more of a complete and cohesive piece. I also tried to not shy away from having a fair amount of swingers which I really miss on many recent albums.”

As much as the songs on the album were written as vehicles for his bandmates to take on improvisational flight (and in that capacity they shine brilliantly), they were also inspired by Jochen’s life experiences. As he explains: “‘Alloplasty’ is meant in the psychoanalytic way, not the surgery. I am plagued by intense fear of flying and it’s one of the things that comes up in therapy. ‘Pretty From Afar’ is about a girl I saw once in Helsinki at a gig. The band was watching her throughout the set in the back of the club, intrigued. We were all talking about her but later she came up to us and was ugly as sin. ‘Manong Twilight At The Whatever Hotel’ is named after a piece of art by my uncle Carlos Villa from San Fransisco. He was an enthusiastic jazz fan and saw everybody play in the 60s. He passed away when I was writing that tune.

One of Jochen’s catch phrases is the ability to “have many moods to choose from” and as a composer he succeeds greatly at presenting an album that reflects this notion as well as tackling the great challenge of coalescing life’s concepts and feelings with instrumental music. No doubt We Make The Rules will further solidify his reputation as one of the premier drummer/bandleaders working in jazz and improvised music today.





http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-jochen-reuckerts-we-make-the-rules-out-today-worldwide-ft-mark-turner-lage-lund-matt-penman-guardian-ap-reviews-the-jazz-mann-bebop-spoken-here/feed/ 0
BIG NEWS: Euan Burton to release follow up album ‘Too Much Love’ November 17 ft Tom Gibbs, Alyn Cosker and Adam Jackson + Royal Festival Hall release show Nov 14http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-euan-burton-to-release-follow-up-album-too-much-love-november-17/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-euan-burton-to-release-follow-up-album-too-much-love-november-17/#comments Mon, 13 Oct 2014 12:19:41 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14064 Read More]]> Euan Burton FB

Too Much Love is the eagerly awaited follow up release from the award winning Scottish double bassist, composer & producer Euan Burton, whose first WWR album Occurrences (May, 2012) was met with high international acclaim. On his new release Burton continues to grow as a musician and composer, blending composition and improvisation in his signature way while creating melodic and harmonic motives that develop thematically throughout the course of the album.


After the release of Occurrences, Burton looked to form a new group with musicians from his native Glasgow scene to develop a rapport and cohesion with his new material. After tours around the UK and Poland they returned to Scotland’s premier recording facility to record this new suite of music which makes up Too Much Love. Burton explains, “The title comes from the notion that so many of the things that go wrong, or the mistakes people make, come from a place of either people having misplaced love or having so much love that they don’t know how to deal with it and channel it properly. I guess it’s a rose-tinted way to look at certain darker and more upsetting aspects of life and this struck me as a good starting point for writing a new album, this idea of ‘Too Much Love‘.”

As always, his collaborators play a huge part in the music and although this may be a new quartet it features three of his long-time associates. On piano Tom Gibbs is Burton’s longest collaborator, their co-led group released 2010’s Forgotten Things featuring Ari Hoenig. Burton also produced and played on Gibbs’ 2012 WWR release Fear of Flying. Gibbs’ unique skills as a pianist and improviser feature heavily on Too Much Love.

Alyn Cosker (drums) is a powerhouse of the Scottish music scene and while he and Burton have never recorded together they have been performing in various projects since 2006. Cosker’s dynamic talents come with years of experience with jazz greats such as Tommy Smith, Lee Konitz, and Joe Locke to name but a few and his attention to detail on Burton’s music is one of the highlights of the record.

Alto saxophonist Adam Jackson may be a new name to many, but he and Burton have known each other since attending high school together. A former student at Birmingham Conservatoire he developed in the ranks of Tommy Smith’s Youth Jazz Orchestra. His tone and melodic development in his improvisations show a maturity beyond his years and this album provides a great platform to showcase this rising star of the Scottish scene.

Burton himself contributed all the highly emotive compositions, performs as bassist, produced, mixed and mastered the album, displaying an impressive palette of musical skills. As a bassist, his warm tones and poignant improvisations give nod to the Charlie Haden school while retaining his own voice throughout. He’s incredibly in demand as a sideman across many genres in his native Scotland and has appeared on dozens of albums to date, with performances with many modern jazz greats including Ari Hoenig, Gilad Hekselman, Will Vinson and Jonathan Kreisberg. Moreover, he’s played with folk legends Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham, pop group Texas and can be heard on the The Disney Pixar film Brave. With Too Much Love, we see the multifaceted Burton strengthening his reputation as of the UK’s premier bassist/bandleaders/composers.


Catch Euan on tour across the UK in November and note his band with special guest Ryan Quigley will perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London at the EFG London Jazz Festival on the 14th for the official Too Much Love album concert.

The Con Cellar Bar London, UK

Blue Lamp Aberdeen, UK

Royal Albert Hall – Verdi Room London, UK,
EFG London Jazz Festival

The Jazz Bar Edinburgh, UK

The Glasgow Art Club Glasgow, UK

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-euan-burton-to-release-follow-up-album-too-much-love-november-17/feed/ 0
Max Luthert with 4 Star review of debut ‘Orbital’ + Pizza Express Album Launch show 20th Octhttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/max-luthert-with-4-star-review-of-debut-orbital-pizza-express-album-launch-show-20th-oct/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/max-luthert-with-4-star-review-of-debut-orbital-pizza-express-album-launch-show-20th-oct/#comments Mon, 13 Oct 2014 11:48:43 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14056 Read More]]>

Orbital is the debut album from double bassist and composer Max Luthert, one of the UK’s most in-demand young musicians currently known for his work as a sideman in the bands of Zara McFarlane, WWR signed Partikel and Benet McLean.  The album has been reviewed by Marlbank here and Max will be leading his band in London at the Pizza Express Jazz Club for their official launch concert on the 20th OCT. Check the e-flyer below. The album officially drops on OCT 27.

Click here for bookings






http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/max-luthert-with-4-star-review-of-debut-orbital-pizza-express-album-launch-show-20th-oct/feed/ 0
BIG NEWS: Simon Purcell to release debut album ‘Red Circle’ November 10th ft. Julian Siegel, Chris Batchelor, Steve Watts, Gene Calderazzo + guest Liane Carroll + EFG LJF Launch showhttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-simon-purcell-to-release-debut-album-red-circle-november-10th-ft-julian-siegel-chris-batchelor-steve-watts-gene-calderazzo-guest-liane-carroll-efg-ljf-launch-show/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-simon-purcell-to-release-debut-album-red-circle-november-10th-ft-julian-siegel-chris-batchelor-steve-watts-gene-calderazzo-guest-liane-carroll-efg-ljf-launch-show/#comments Fri, 10 Oct 2014 10:19:47 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14050 Read More]]> SimonPurcell FB

Red Circle is the debut release from international acclaimed pianist and educator Simon Purcell, currently the Head of Jazz at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance and Music in London. Purcell originally came to prominence during the UK jazz boom of the 1980s through his band “Jazz Train” (with Martin Speake, Cleveland Watkiss, Dale Barlow et al), a quartet with Julian Arguelles (Loose Tubes), numerous appearances with or opposite visiting American artists at London’s Bass Clef Club and occasional weeks at Ronnie Scott’s.

As a passionate educator and thinker about music, Simon’s musicianship increasingly served educational ends, contributing to the development of jazz education in the UK (awarded Jazz Educator of the Year by the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group). Now after nearly three decades of teaching in London’s top conservatoires, this long overdue album marks Simon’s return to a more active performing career.

Purcell’s band is comprised of some of the most important contributors to the UK’s creative music scene during the last two decades. They’re also a bunch of old friends with years of playing experience, and in this spirit the music was recorded in one room with no real isolation between instruments, giving the album a ‘live date’ feeling. The rhythm section is made up of double bassist Steve Watts (Printmakers, Loose Tubes, Iain Ballamy) and Gene Calderazzo (Partisans, Pharoah Sanders, Joey Calderazzo, Zoe Rahman) dating back to the Bass Clef days. Julian Siegel (Partisans, Joey Barron, Kenny Wheeler, Django Bates, John Taylor) and Chris Batchelor (Big Air, Loose Tubes, Brotherhood of Breath, Hermeto Pascoal) are robust and individual musical personalities providing conceptual counterpoint that ensures the music-making is always more than the sum of the parts. As a result, the intention behind the material (all by Purcell) is less about complex themes, instead providing attractive contexts for improvisation where these artists can masterfully stretch out.

While citing British pianists John Taylor, Pete Saberton and Gordon Beck as important influences, this music is very much informed by the universal traditions of jazz and improvised music from across the globe. Listen also for the “bonus” track featuring the incomparable & soulful Liane Carroll.


Simon Purcell launches ‘Red Circle’ at the EFG London Jazz Festival on Sunday 16th November at the Pizza Express Jazz Club

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-simon-purcell-to-release-debut-album-red-circle-november-10th-ft-julian-siegel-chris-batchelor-steve-watts-gene-calderazzo-guest-liane-carroll-efg-ljf-launch-show/feed/ 0
Jochen Rueckert’s ‘We Make The Rules’ with reviews in Marlbank, Nextbop, Jazz Podium + Touring now, London Show tonighthttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/jochen-rueckerts-we-make-the-rules-with-reviews-in-marlbank-nextbop-jazz-podium-touring-now-london-show-tonight/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/jochen-rueckerts-we-make-the-rules-with-reviews-in-marlbank-nextbop-jazz-podium-touring-now-london-show-tonight/#comments Thu, 09 Oct 2014 10:44:15 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14046 Read More]]>

We Make The Rules is the debut WWR release from the multifaceted drummer & composer Jochen Rueckert, a German native who’s been based in NYC since 1995, where he’s become one of the preeminent artists of his generation known for his work with Marc Copland, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nils Wogram’s Root 70, Sam Yahel, Will Vinson and Seamus Blake. Jochen is also renown for his work in electronic music under the alias “Wolff Parkinson White” as well as his long running book series “Read the Rueckert- travel observations and pictures of hotel rooms”.

The album drops next week worldwide and we’ve had some great reviews in the press.  Highlights below.


“Rückert has a love for subtle melodies in his pieces and his bandmates have, through many tours,tailored them into many moods, giving the album a truly live feel.” – Jazz Podium

“Expectation is rewarded by the New York-based German Jochen Rueckert who leads a stellar quartet, the drummer joined by tenor of our times Mark Turner, guitarist Lage Lund, and highly-rated James Farm bassist Matt Penman.” – Marlbank

“Excellent” – NextBop

Jochen’s album has also been getting considerable airtime on both WDR 3 and Jazz FM.


Catch Jochen and band at the Pizza Express Jazz Club tonight in London, and check the dates below for more concerts on their current Euro tour:


Jochen Rueckert Quartet Tour Dates:
(Rueckert, drums; Mark Turner, sax; Lage Lund, guitar; Chris Smith, bass)
1st October – Stadtgarten Cologne, Germany 20:30
2nd October – Leipzig, Telegraph Germany 20:30
3rd October – Jazzschmiede Duesseldorf, Germany 20:30
4th October – Karlsruhe, Germany 20:30
8th October – World of basses, Reutlingen, Germany 20:00
9th October – Pizza Express, London, U.K. 20;30
10th October – Paradox, Tilburg, Netherlands 20:30
11th October – Jazzkeller, Frankfurt, Germany

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/jochen-rueckerts-we-make-the-rules-with-reviews-in-marlbank-nextbop-jazz-podium-touring-now-london-show-tonight/feed/ 0
Reviews in from The Financial Times and The Jazz Breakfast plus airplay on Jazz FM for Andy Milne & Dapp Theory’s ‘Forward in All Directions’http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/reviews-in-from-the-financial-times-and-the-jazz-breakfast-plus-airplay-on-jazz-fm-for-andy-milne-dapp-theorys-forward-in-all-directions/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/reviews-in-from-the-financial-times-and-the-jazz-breakfast-plus-airplay-on-jazz-fm-for-andy-milne-dapp-theorys-forward-in-all-directions/#comments Mon, 06 Oct 2014 15:03:28 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14026 Read More]]> Andy-Milne_DapthoryWe have exciting reviews from the Financial Times, The Jazz Breakfast and airplay on Jazz FM for our recent WWR release – Forward In All Directions, the new album from Andy Milne & Dapp Theory, his first for Whirlwind Recordings. Produced by Grammy Award winner Jimmy Haslip and featuring guest performances from Ben Monder, Jean Baylor and Gretchen Parlato, the album is Dapp Theory’s third release and marks the quintet’s 15th anniversary, blending “contemporary funk, groove and hip hop into jazz,” according to LA Weekly.

The Financial Times say that “most tracks on this subtle and atmospheric CD bare the hallmark of the M-Base aesthetic”, M-Base being a collective led by the recent 2014 MacArthur ‘Genius Grant’ award winning saxophonist Steve Coleman of which Andy has been a long standing member.”

The Jazz Breakfast have also written a review which you can view here, on top of the album receiving airplay on Jazz FM.

To purchase please check out the album page and featured below we have for your listening pleasure the album preview that accompanies the release. Happy listening.

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/reviews-in-from-the-financial-times-and-the-jazz-breakfast-plus-airplay-on-jazz-fm-for-andy-milne-dapp-theorys-forward-in-all-directions/feed/ 0
RELEASE DAY: Cloudmakers Trio ‘Abstract Forces’ out worldwidehttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-cloudmakers-trio-abstract-forces-out-worldwide/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-cloudmakers-trio-abstract-forces-out-worldwide/#comments Mon, 29 Sep 2014 10:36:32 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=14021 Read More]]> Cloudmakers Trio AF

We’re proud to announce the official release date for Abstract Forces by Cloudmakers Trio.  Check the events page to see where the band will be playing this fall in support of the release.


Abstract Forces is the second release from Cloudmakers Trio, the brainchild of vibraphonist Jim Hart which features WWR founder Michael Janisch on double bass and Dave Smith on drums. The album is a powerful mix of strong grooves, catchy hooks and, as the title suggests, very open improvising. Hart’s writing explores different textures, moods and eclectic sound worlds, rendering the music unpredictable and exciting while at the same time beautifully accessible.

The album is an organic continuation of a well-established musical relationship originally formed to collaborate and record with the NYC-based trumpeter Ralph Alessi in 2010 (the result was the Cloudmakers’ debut Live at the Pizza Express, one of the most lauded albums of 2012 in the UK jazz/improv press). It was during the buildup to the tour and recording of the live album that Hart had the good sense make this trio the focus of his new compositions and arrangements.

Hart explains, “After years of playing together as a rhythm section for many artists, Michael, Dave and I decided to get together and prepare new music for a collaboration with Ralph, and during those rehearsals we three played a lot, sometimes up to eight hours a day. It was during these rehearsals that I realised it was the right moment to begin exploring, in greater depth, what potential the ‘vibes trio’ might have. I began writing music just for the trio and over the last four years we have developed and expanded the repertoire through regular touring. This record is a document of where we’re at in this process and I am extremely proud of it. It can sound much bigger than just three players at times whilst also having the dynamic interplay that you can only have in a trio.

For me, Abstract Forces is also the culmination of more than ten years of experience performing as a vibraphonist, as well as leading bands and writing for this instrument. Since I formed my first quartet band ‘Gemini’ in 2003 I have been trying to develop a sound and an approach to the vibes as the only harmony instrument in the ensemble. It is a role that I have always felt under exploited for the the vibes and I have made it my mission to do something about that. In a way I have been quietly developing Cloudmakers Trio from within various quartets since that time.

The name of the group and album comes from the analogy of a trio of rhythm section instruments acting as an engine room within the music. I thought of it like a power station that also produces clouds which have an abstract, ethereal quality to them. Our music is definitely highly charged and has a strong rhythmical focus on the one hand, but at the same time it is absolutely jazz in that it celebrates the freedom and openness of improvisation without being constrained by the compositions. There are abstract forces at work.”



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