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Views from the Inside is the stunning new album from the multi-faceted trombonist, composer & conductor JC Sanford and his 15-piece orchestra. A multiple-award winning composer and 2 X Grammy-nominated artist as a member of the John Hollenbeck ensemble. Sanford’s wide-ranging compositional palette is deeply rooted in the traditions of the jazz and classical worlds yet pushes both boundaries to create a landmark recording of the new jazz orchestra renaissance, featuring bold sonorities, unexpected colors and arresting sonic textures.


Over the past few months there has been a truly impressive amount of great things said about the album from the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland music press. Here’s some of the highlights:


“The emphasis is as much on the orchestrations as the musicianship… triumphant.” Jazzwise Magazine

“Mature, playful, classical and futuristic, full of dynamic and sometimes gladiatorial tensions.” 4 Stars, Jazz Journal

“Big Bands do not have to romp through nostalgia… JC Sanford aptly redefines what it means to write for large ensembles with an exquisite album.” Hifi (Germany)

“A rare record… It starts with the idiosyncratic handling of his instrument, and continues in the unorthodox composition of his 15-member troupe and ends at the shirt-sleeved arrangements that can safely and only be described as outrageous (in a good way).” Sound & Image (Germany)

“A dozen amazing musical statements.” Saarbrücker Zeitung (Germany)

“JC Sanford’s music cannot be pigeonholed.” Spiegel Online (Germany)

“A collection of sophisticated pieces that mix the harmonies and rhythms of modern classical with the gestalt of jazz.” Jazz Weekly

“Throughout this excellent album, Sanford extends his music into areas other than jazz by drawing on modern classical and World music genres, and there are plenty of moments of lyricism and mystery on this wide-ranging collection. It’s an encompassing journey filled with multi-scenic variety. ” Textura

“Composer-trombonist-conductor JC Sanford’s recent release Views From The Inside on Whirlwind Recordings delivers loads of aural surprises wrapped up in layers of jazz orchestra.” New Music Box

“A breath-taking album… bold sonorities, unexpected timbres and captivating sound textures.” ReinMain Magazine (Germany)

It’s an album with remarkable melodies and enticing performances.CD Aktuell (Germany)

A total of 12 pieces with alarming diversity; at times spherical, sometimes dramatic and then again slightly lilting passages with a spectrum of moods.” Hörspiegel (Germany)

With every listen you will be drawn deeper into the musical cosmos of the JC Sanford Orchestra.” Music an Sich (Germany)

“Often sweeping and exciting compositions.” Jazz Thing (Germany)

“Sanford draws from his overflowing and unbelievable reservoir of knowledge of classical and jazz, and his harmonious puzzle pieces form paintings that describe the lively scene and the inexhaustible energy of a city like New York where he is based.” Jazz Podium

If you want to raise a new term, then post-big-band jazzfor JC Sanford’s is appropriate, as it goes way beyond the conventional idea of a big band sound.” Music Reviews (Germany)

And across Germany, Austria and Switzerland we’ve heard JC’s album being played on: AFK M94.5 Basement Jazz, BR Jazznacht, BR Jazztime, Deutscchland Radio Kultur, HR2 Jazz Now, Radio Okerwelle-Klangdimen, Radio Okerwelle Jazztangent, Radio T, Radio Underhort, SWR2 Radiophon








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Partisans CD release show Sept 29th ‘Jazz in the Round’ Cockpit Theater + new N. American Tour videos + 4 Stars from the Arts Desk & London Jazzhttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/partisans-cd-release-show-sept-29th-jazz-in-the-round-cockpit-theater-new-n-american-tour-videos-4-stars-from-the-arts-desk-london-jazz/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/partisans-cd-release-show-sept-29th-jazz-in-the-round-cockpit-theater-new-n-american-tour-videos-4-stars-from-the-arts-desk-london-jazz/#comments Wed, 10 Sep 2014 11:15:02 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13918 Read More]]>

Swamp is the fifth studio album from Partisans, who since their formation in 1996 have been thrilling audiences the world over with their ferociously energetic performances of tightly knit themes and the great freedom coming from their years of playing together.  The album releases on the 22nd of this month and the worldwide anticipation has been high.  The band has also enjoyed a big North American tour and you can watch some of those highlights on their playlist on our YouTube channel to the left (scroll through to see more).

They will have their official CD launch show at the Cockpit Theater in the monthly BBC Radio 3 presentation of Jazz in the Round on the 29th.



And we’ve had some more great press in for the band including a 4 Star review from The Arts Desk and just today a glowing review from London Jazz, with highlights below:

“These pieces, closely focused and intricately woven, are masterpieces of detailed performance.”
4 Stars, The Arts Desk

“Reaffirms their standing as one of the most rewarding bands anywhere.”
London Jazz







http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/partisans-cd-release-show-sept-29th-jazz-in-the-round-cockpit-theater-new-n-american-tour-videos-4-stars-from-the-arts-desk-london-jazz/feed/ 0
RELEASE DAY: Andy Milne & Dapp Theory ‘Forward In All Directions’http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-andy-milne-dapp-theory-forward-in-all-directions/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/release-day-andy-milne-dapp-theory-forward-in-all-directions/#comments Tue, 09 Sep 2014 21:58:28 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13915 Read More]]> Andy Milne FB

WWR is proud to announce the worldwide release of Forward in All Directions by Andy Milne & Dapp Theory, produced by Grammy award winning Jimmy Haslip and also a celebration of 15 years together for the band.  Click here to visit our store and purchase the physical album (also FLAC and ALAC) if you are from outside the USA, and for all you Americans, please visit our partners on this release Contrology Records for US orders.


Forward In All Directions is the new album from Andy Milne & Dapp Theory and his first for Whirlwind Recordings. Produced by Grammy Award winner Jimmy Haslip and featuring guest performances from Ben Monder, Jean Baylor and Gretchen Parlato, the album is Dapp Theory’s third release and marks the quintet’s 15th anniversary, blending “contemporary funk, groove and hip hop into jazz,” according to LA Weekly.

The title and the music reflect Milne’s diverse artistic vision. Forward In All Directions chronicles the journey Dapp Theory has taken in its 15 years. “It’s a milestone, a celebration, and a reflection of the changing times for artists. My life as an artist, entrepreneur, and educator requires me to move in all directions at all times and I derive joy in meeting this challenge.”

Milne’s compositions mirror this openness and draw upon the considerable strengths of his musicians. His band mates represent a litmus of what’s happening in the world of music today. “I’m blessed with musicians who genuinely inhabit a wide range of musical spaces that span the globe. They share an understanding and sensitivity of musical palettes ranging from Appalachian folk, traditional Armenian, heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, jazz, pop, and classical music.” Milne combined the talents of poet John Moon, saxophonist Aaron Kruziki, bassist Chris Tordini and drummer Kenny Grohowski, helping to re-draw and extend the boundaries of jazz. “It’s a special group to me because everybody understands what I’m trying to do musically and they trust me.” In their 15 years, the band has evolved and built a loyal following of fans who appreciate their indefinable sound, blending influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and KRS One to Thelonious Monk and Van Halen.

Forward In All Directions is the first Dapp Theory recording to feature music that Milne initially composed for other projects and later rearranged for this group. It’s also the first recording to be guided by an outside producer from start to finish. When asked about working with Jimmy Haslip, founding member of The Yellowjackets, Milne said “Jimmy’s grounded and relaxed nature was essential in my completing this recording. His ears, instincts, and resourcefulness were an amazing asset and his unrelenting support has made him an invaluable partner.”

A seminal member of Steve Coleman’s groups in the 1990’s, Milne is considered by his peers as one of the most important and respected voices in jazz today. He is the recipient of numerous awards and commissions, including the prestigious Civitella Fellowship and New Jazz Works from Chamber Music America. Milne has composed and produced seven original film scores for acclaimed actor/director William Shatner. In 2012, Milne was commissioned by The Japan Foundation and New Music USA to create Strings and Serpents, a multi-disciplinary project featuring artists from Japan, France, Canada and the U.S with a premier at Lincoln Center.



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Rory Simmons live review of ‘Monocled Man’ at Jazz in the Roundhttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/rory-simmons-live-review-of-monocled-man-at-jazz-in-the-round/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/rory-simmons-live-review-of-monocled-man-at-jazz-in-the-round/#comments Sun, 07 Sep 2014 09:59:09 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13881 Read More]]>

Rory Simmons released Southern Drawl in April with his new band ‘Monocled Man’ and was recently seen around the UK on tour.  Below we have reprinted a Jazzwise live review from Jez Nelson’s Radio 3 show Jazz in the Round held at the Cockpit Theatre in London.
Jazzwise Sept 2014 - Live reviews

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/rory-simmons-live-review-of-monocled-man-at-jazz-in-the-round/feed/ 0
“Uncategorizable, beautiful – a real force to be reckoned with.” says Jamie Cullum about Alice Zawadzki + Jazzwise Magazine Feature, London Jazz and AP Reviews for ‘China Lane’http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/uncategorizable-beautiful-a-real-force-to-be-reckoned-with-says-jamie-cullum-about-alice-zawadzki-jazzwise-magazine-feature-london-jazz-and-ap-reviews-for-china-lane/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/uncategorizable-beautiful-a-real-force-to-be-reckoned-with-says-jamie-cullum-about-alice-zawadzki-jazzwise-magazine-feature-london-jazz-and-ap-reviews-for-china-lane/#comments Sun, 07 Sep 2014 09:38:04 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13877 Read More]]>

Alice Zawadzki’s & her debut album China Lane continue to get incredible mentions in the major UK press.  Here are the latest highlights:

“She showed that she not just an immensely able singer with a wide range of vocal timbre, but also a songwriter AND a lyricist AND a violinist AND a pianist AND an entertainer…. The possibilities are just limitless.” London Jazz Live Review

“As enchanting to experience ‘live’ as in this fine recording, Alice Zawadzki is most definitely one of contemporary’s jazz’s stars of the present and the future, possessing, as she does, remarkable musical dexterity and personality. A fine solo album debut.” AP Reviews

And recently on his BBC Radio 2 show, none other than Jamie Cullum stated Alice was “Uncategorizable, beautiful – a real force to be reckoned with.”

“A debut album with a truly unique sound world.” 4 Stars, Jazzwise Magazine and feature reprinted below


Jazzwise Sept 2014 - Taking Off

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/uncategorizable-beautiful-a-real-force-to-be-reckoned-with-says-jamie-cullum-about-alice-zawadzki-jazzwise-magazine-feature-london-jazz-and-ap-reviews-for-china-lane/feed/ 0
‘Devotion’ by Marko Churnchetz with 4 Star review from Jazzwise, The Jazz Mann, BBC Radio 3, JazzViews, and morehttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/devotion-by-marko-churnchetz-with-4-star-review-from-jazzwise-the-jazz-mann-bbc-radio-3-jazzviews-and-more/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/devotion-by-marko-churnchetz-with-4-star-review-from-jazzwise-the-jazz-mann-bbc-radio-3-jazzviews-and-more/#comments Sat, 06 Sep 2014 10:32:53 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13871 Read More]]>

Devotion is the debut WWR release from Slovenian-born pianist and composer Marko Churnchetz, and features saxophonist Mark Shim, bassist Chris Tordini and drummer Justin Brown.  The album has had some fantastic reviews in the press as of late in addition to some regular airplay on BBC Radio 3, here are some highlights:

“A strong piece of work impressive not only for the quality of the writing but also for the wholehearted absorption and development of its ethos by the whole band.” The Jazz Breakfast

“Devotion” is a stunning début. Churnchetz sounds like a musician -and composer- who is just bursting with ideas.” 4 Stars, The Jazz Mann

“A possessor of dazzling technique, in terms of speed, accuracy and the ability to turn a phrase into a big run.” Marlbank

“THAT MOMENT when the ears prick up and the spine tingles. In the world of contemporary jazz, it happens fairly frequently… but not so often to this level. Debuting on the Whirlwind label, Slovenian pianist/keyboardist and composer Marco Churnchetz may just have entered the annual ‘best of’ stakes with Devotion – an outstanding programme of originals. A wondrous release.” AP Reviews

“The disc delivers everything we have come to expect of modern contemporary jazz: brilliant virtuosity; powerful and complex rhythmic drive, all informed by intelligent eclecticism.” Jazz Views


And a great feature from Jazzwise Magazine reprinted below:

Jazzwise Sept 2014 - review  Devotion


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Cloudmakers Trio album trailer video for ‘Abstract Forces’ out Sept 29http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/cloudmakers-trio-album-trailer-video-for-abstract-forces-out-sept-29/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/cloudmakers-trio-album-trailer-video-for-abstract-forces-out-sept-29/#comments Fri, 05 Sep 2014 13:28:25 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13868 Cloudmakers Trio AF

Later this month we’re releasing the second album from Cloudmakers Trio titled Abstract Forces, below we’re happy to share the new promo video for the album:



http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/cloudmakers-trio-album-trailer-video-for-abstract-forces-out-sept-29/feed/ 0
BIG NEWS: WWR to release the debut album from bassist and composer Max Luthert OCT 27, ’14http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-wwr-to-release-the-debut-album-from-bassist-and-composer-max-luthert/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/big-news-wwr-to-release-the-debut-album-from-bassist-and-composer-max-luthert/#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:02:19 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13859 Read More]]> Max Luthert FB

Orbital is the debut album from double bassist and composer Max Luthert, one of the UK’s most in-demand young musicians currently known for his work as a sideman in the bands of Zara McFarlane, WWR signed Partikel and Benet McLean. Largely heralded for his skills on the low end providing strong support with his signature dark & husky bass sound, he now steps up with this shimmering debut to showcase his strengths as bandleader, arranger and fine composer.

Luthert’s group features long-standing musical collaborators in fellow Partikel leader Duncan Eagles (tenor saxophone), WWR artists Gareth Lockrane (flute) and Dave Hamblett (drums), Matt Robinson (piano) & Séb Pipe (alto saxophone), and from the first note it’s clear that this sextet is at ease with itself having performed together in a myriad of musical situations over the years. As individuals they shine while navigating Luthert’s emotive originals with wit and aplomb. .

Max explains, “When I started writing the music for Orbital the only elements I had in place were the musicians and the recording date. Being in London there is a plethora of incredible musicians with their own sounds and approaches to music and after working with each of the musicians on the record in various ensembles and guises throughout the last few years I knew that when put together they would create the sound I was hearing when I decided to form my own group.”

“With that in mind I then embarked on writing the music for Orbital. I found myself being inspired the most by books I was reading and as a result a number of the tracks are named after places or phrases. I was very keen that the compositions tried to replicate what I was imaging in the scenes of the books,”

The songs on Orbital blend intricate and modal harmony with sometimes irregular time signatures and forms next to anthemic themes, while Luthert grounds the ensemble with highly personal bass lines matched with poignant improvisations. The blending of the flute with the two saxophones creates a lush soundscape that marks this debut out as a welcomed & ambitious first outing that will no doubt firmly kickstart the career of one of Britain’s finest young bassist/composers.

And make sure to see Max’s entire band on the road this fall, here are the tour dates so far:

20th October 2014 – Pizza Express Jazz Club (Dean Street) “Album Launch” show
18th January 2015 – Ashburton Jazz Club
19th January – North Devon Jazz Club
21st January – Dempsey’s
23rd January – Sheffield Jazz Club
24th January – The Capstone Theatre

click here for more sound samples from the record.









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Andy Milne’s Sept 9th release ‘Forward in All Directions’ gets reviewed by London Jazz, NYC Jazz Record, 4 * Arts Desk, Marlbank, JazzFM and more.http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/andy-milnes-sept-9th-release-forward-in-all-directions-gets-reviewed-by-london-jazz-nyc-jazz-record-4-arts-desk-marlbank-jazzfm-and-more/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/andy-milnes-sept-9th-release-forward-in-all-directions-gets-reviewed-by-london-jazz-nyc-jazz-record-4-arts-desk-marlbank-jazzfm-and-more/#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 09:29:54 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13853 Read More]]>

We’re releasing Andy Milne & Dapp Theory’s 15 year anniversary album Forward In All Directions next week and we’re delighted to share the album is already being well-received in the press.

Here are some recent highlights:

“One of the most creative artists to emerge out of Steve Coleman’s M-Base collective, Andy Milne continues to extend the boundaries of jazz with his group Dapp Theory. The band’s latest disc, as on its prior releases, fuses elements of contemporary and traditional jazz with the rhythms and sensibilities of rock, rap, funk, spoken word and world musics.” NYC Jazz Record

“The years of concentrated creative thought come through in the diamond-like density, polish and kaleidoscopic brilliance of the playing. Engrossingly multi-faceted experimental pieces reveal an unexpected degree of lyrical charm.”
4 Stars, The Arts Desk

“This is a band record rather than a parade of solos. Worth seeking out.”

“Supreme musicianship…. Milne and his fellow musicians delight in exploring other creative influences including Appalachian folk, traditional Armenian, heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, pop and classical music.”
Bebop Spoken Here

“Striking album… There’s a very pleasing mix of toughness and lyricism in this recording, brought together by producer Jimmy Haslip. The writing brings beauty, emotion and narrative to more cerebral M-Base patterns in a very satisfying way.”
London Jazz

The album is also getting play on both JazzFM’s Cutting Edge Show as well as The Blue Print.

http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/andy-milnes-sept-9th-release-forward-in-all-directions-gets-reviewed-by-london-jazz-nyc-jazz-record-4-arts-desk-marlbank-jazzfm-and-more/feed/ 0
Paul Jackson Trio ‘Groove Or Die’ promo video + photos from recent recording by Carl Hydehttp://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/paul-jackson-trio-groove-or-die-promo-video-photos-from-recent-recording-by-carl-hyde/ http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/paul-jackson-trio-groove-or-die-promo-video-photos-from-recent-recording-by-carl-hyde/#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 10:38:22 +0000 http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/?p=13791 Read More]]> Paul ‘The Headhunter” Jackson is releasing his new trio’s debut album Groove Or Die on NOV 3 this year and the response to his new release has been fantastic so far.  Big thanks to everyone who has shown the new video for ‘Midnight is a Lonely Heart‘ a few weeks back.   We’d like to share with you the new promo video for the album, check it out below


Also check out some great shots of the recording session by Carl Hyde at WAX Studios back in April when the album was recorded.IMG_7120 IMG_7060 IMG_7056 IMG_7055 IMG_7050 IMG_7038 IMG_7023 IMG_7017 IMG_7016 IMG_7009 IMG_7007 IMG_7004 IMG_6995 IMG_6993 IMG_6990 IMG_6989 IMG_6987 IMG_6977 IMG_6973 IMG_6970 IMG_6969 IMG_6968 IMG_6967 IMG_6966 IMG_6965 IMG_6962 IMG_6960 IMG_6955 IMG_6951 IMG_6950 IMG_6948 IMG_6946 IMG_6944 IMG_6940 IMG_6938 IMG_6937 IMG_6935 IMG_6933 IMG_6932 IMG_6929 IMG_6928 IMG_6927 IMG_6925 IMG_6922 IMG_6919 IMG_6917 IMG_6916 IMG_6915 IMG_6913




http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/paul-jackson-trio-groove-or-die-promo-video-photos-from-recent-recording-by-carl-hyde/feed/ 0