Eric Ford


Versatile, multi-genre spanning drummer and percussionist Eric Ford grew up near Liverpool, England and was first exposed to music in the form of  swing and bebop during his teenage years.  After a sidetrack reading English at the University of Birmingham, Ford’s expanded his interests into contemporary jazz, fusion and the commercial music scene.  Following a period of extensive transcribing and practice while traveling the world playing professionally on a cruise ship, he relocated to Paris, France for a period of four years and during this time performed and studied with musicians from Africa, Cuba and Brazil, as well as many Europeans and Americans.  Moving north to London, England in late 2006, where he is now based, he’s been refining his drums-plus-percussion approach in ‘Partikel’ and various fusion and world music ensembles as well as enjoying playing in the more mainstream jazz circuit with musicians from Brian Dee to Jim Mullen to Dave O’Higgins and Tim Whitehead.  He further performs with rock bands, commercial artists, and succeeds as a very versatile musician, playing a wide and eclectic palette of musical styles, all of which seeps into ‘Partikel.’