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1. Land and Sea
2. Scenes and Sounds
3. Lanterns
4. Counteraction
5. Moving Fields
6. Intro to The Blood of the Pharaoh
7. The Blood of the Pharaoh
8. Bolden Days

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Release Information

Official release dates (store):
UK (+ world digital) - 24/03/2017
G/A/S/FR - 24/03/17

Since their Whirlwind debut as an acoustic trio (Cohesion, 2012), Partikel have progressively pushed at the developmental possibilities, and 2015’s String Theory – augmenting the line-up of Duncan Eagles (saxophones), Max Luthert (double bass) and Eric Ford (drums) with string quartet – generated significant interest, spawning numerous gigs both in the UK and internationally. These live experiences (including a month touring China) saw the band’s sound climbing to new heights, enhanced by the work of violinist Benet McLean and super-sized with the creative blends enabled by digital harmonizers, pedals and programming.

So vibrant new release Counteraction shifts up yet another gear, with music crafted specifically around this forward-thinking approach, while also introducing atmospheric electric guitarist Ant Law, flautist and baritone saxophonist Anna Cooper, cellist Matthew Sharp and electronic sound designer Sisi Lu. The compositions (mostly by Eagles) explore fascinating textural avenues, balancing and integrating them with the band’s original sax, bass and drums identity to create often strikingly unusual resonances. For example, their revisitation of previously-issued trio track ‘Blood of the Pharoah’ now elevates its spatial, percussive mystery through windswept ambience and cello, achieving greater dramatic intensity.

A cinemascopic aura of free-spirited storytelling is the key to this hour-long journey, the electronics and orchestral surge of ‘Land and Sea’ representing its title’s intended contrasts. ‘Scenes and Sounds’ is blurred with synthy urban abstractions which explode into the animated rhythms of Eagles, Luthert and Ford, accentuated by Law’s fretboard improvisations; and the afterglow cool of ‘Lanterns’, prompted by a visit to Beijing, quietly sparkles with impressionistic radio signals and teems with city life.

Soundtrack-style fusions in title track ‘Counteraction’ make it almost uncategorizable, as echoic layers of multi-double-stopped violin and electronics are balanced with tenor and percussion. The episodic invention in Max Luthert’s ‘Moving Fields’ takes the band into prog territory, full of raging complexity; and a zesty, New Orleans feel to ‘Bolden Days’ (a tribute to pioneer Buddy Bolden) is laced with bamboo flute inflections and blues-folk violin glissandi.

This album’s zeal is defined by strongly collaborative arrangements and explosive playing throughout – but then, to follow such an evolving course is a liberating process for the band: “Partikel will always have the acoustic trio at its heart. But opening ourselves to a range of genres such as electronica, as well as experiencing the music of different cultures, widens the appeal of our music, bridging gaps for audiences. Though we like to maintain a level of artistic integrity, to keep it challenging, it’s great that this is already happening.” ​

Press Highlights

“Diverse and symphonic... New stories bursting with invention.”
Jazzwise Magazine

"​Imbued with a kaleidoscopically changing palette of sonic colours and tempos this is an album of brave and imaginative compositions enhanced by bravura performances.​.. ​​their ​best to date​."​
★★★★ All About Jazz

"A marvellous canvas of contemporary, free-spirited jazz."
Bebop Spoken Here

"Music that can turn on a knife-edge from winsome, atmospheric melody making to dark, hard riffing."
Herald Scotland

“Orchestral, powerful and unique.”
★★★★ Concerto Magazine

“Partikel explore innovative new textures, integrating them effortlessly into the core sound to create striking soundscapes.”
Medien Info

“A crossover between chamber jazz and high quality cinematic sound.”
Jazz Thing

“A kaleidoscope of moods and sound colors, combined with extraordinary arrangements and spontaneous changes... A true listening adventure.”
Musik an Sich

“Plenty here for the discerning listener.”
Sound and Image

"Free thinking, cinematic and orchestral stories... Full of tension, challenges and artistic integrity."
Jazz Zeitung

"Electronic elements yet organic development... The trio toys with the unexpected."
Musik Reviews

"Supple trio finds new warmth and appeal."
★★★★ The Guardian

"An album that's rich in ideas, atmosphere and jazzy textures. It will reward broad minds."
Prog Magazine

There's a beautiful touch of blues and folk inspiration."
A Kind Of Jazz