5th May 2015: ‘Can of Worms’ by George Crowley gets 4* review and feature in Jazzwise Magazine and is reviewed by AP reviews and The Guardian.

Can of Worms explores that happy and unpredictable space where written and improvised worlds collide, diving deep into group improvisations and compositions featuring taut, tense grooves, wailing sax-confessionals and all-out glorious free-jazz.
The album features a razor-sharp, interactive line-up of some of the most distinctive musicians on the burgeoning London scene, fellow tenor saxophonist Tom Challenger, (Brass Mask, Dice Factory), and on rhythm duty, Dan Nicholls (Strobes, Vula Viel), Sam Lasserson (Jeff Williams, Julian Argüelles) and Jon Scott (Kairos Quartet, Mulatu Asktake).

Can of Worms
  has received a four star review in Jazzwise Magazine (scroll down for feature). Read this and the highlights from more recent reviews below.


“Overflowing with writhing, jostling spontaneity, but with sufficient compositional structure to keep a lid on things, London-based saxophonist George Crowley’s new two-tenor quintet recording is a veritable powerhouse of creativity.”
AP Reviews (full review)

“It’s rugged, clever, crisply played contemporary jazz, from a fine young composer/player who knows where the music has been and where he’s headed with it.”
The Guardian (full review)

“Can of Worms looks towards a freer approach towards form and tonality… It’s really impressive stuff from start to finish.”
4 Stars, Jazzwise Magazine + feature article below (website)


Jazzwise April 15 Taking Off George Crowley


Here’s ‘Terminal’ (full length version) from Can of Worms.