12th December 2012: BIG NEWS. WWR Signs rising star Drummer and Composer Dave Hamblett to release debut album ‘Light at Night’ Feb 25, 2013

Whirlwind Recordings is proud to announce the signing of rising star drummer and composer Dave Hamblett and the worldwide Feb 25, 2012 release of his powerful debut album ‘Light at Night’.

Featuring an all star cast of six musicians, all leading lights of their generation:
Dave Hamblett – drums & compositions
Josh Arcoleo – tenor sax
Joe Wright – tenor/soprano sax
Ivo Neame – piano, rhodes, keys
Alex Munk – Guitar
Calum Gourlay – double bass





Releasing a debut album is a huge milestone in a a creative artists’ career, and so we love when we get the privilege of helping a musician bring their first artist statement to the world.  On the 25 of Feb 2013, we’re releasing the debut album of a very special 25 year old musician, drummer and composer, and are ultra excited about the  powerful vision of music he’s  recorded with five of his closest musical colleagues.   The album boasts an enormous range of emotions, textures, and stellar performances by all on board, and will do doubt put Dave Hamblett strongly on the map as a new artist with a very personal and honest take on contemporary improvised music.

Dave Hamblett is fast becoming one of the most talked about musicians on the UK creative music scene, combining his formidable skills as a first call drummer with his growing reputation as a composer of powerful and original contemporary improvised music.  Hamblett’s performances display a deep understanding of a multitude of genres and he shows a maturity in both his drumming and composing rarely heard from a musician aged twenty-five.

Hamblett studied at the Royal Academy of Music, graduating in 2010 with first class honors and a host of awards including the coveted Yamaha Jazz Scholarship.  His distinctive yet adaptable playing has led him to work with many of the UK’s finest musicians including Abram Wilson, Ivo Neame, the F-IRE collective large ensemble, Yuriy Galkin Nonet and Nick Smart’s Jazz Matanzas.  Hamblett is also featured on the recent Ivo Neame Octet album Yatra.

As a leader and composer Hamblett has been forging his voice and musical direction by performing with his own sextet The Dave Hamblett Group, his main compositional outlet.  The ensemble features the leading lights of their generation – Ivo Neame, Calum Gourlay, Josh Arcoleo, Joe Wright and Alex Munk and they have been performing steadily on the London scene for the past three years, developing a unique voice and a tight cohesive group sound.

Hamblett’s debut album ‘Light At Night’ presents music that is powerful, joyful and direct, while also sophisticated and intricate.  It weaves simple melodies over unexpected shifts through harmonies and grooves and creates vibrant landscapes for improvisations that transform as the pieces develop.

Light At Night will also be launched live at The Forge, Camden on Friday 8 February 2013 followed by a nationwide tour:
8th FEB – Launch Night at The Forge
17th FEB – St Lawrence Chapel, Ashburton, Devon
18th FEB – The Beaver Inn, Appledore, Devon
19th FEB – Cori Tap, Bristol
20th FEB – Dempseys, Cardiff
27th FEB – The Lescar, Sheffield
4th MARCH – The Vortex

We’ll have some music samples soon, as well as the Light at Night album page.  Please come back soon to hear why we’re so excited about Dave’s release!!