27th July 2017: ‘Ask, Seek, Knock’ by Samuel Eagles’ SPIRIT ★★★★ review from The Jazz Mann + London Jazz feature interview

Increasingly incandescent across the London jazz, funk and world music scenes, alto saxophonist and composer Samuel Eagles’ SPIRIT (saxophonist Duncan Eagles, pianist Sam Leak, vibraphonist Ralph Wyld, double bassist Max Luthert and drummer Dave Hamblett) present their debut Whirlwind release  Ask, Seek, Knock.





Latest press highlights:

“A collection of pieces that are richly inventive in terms of colour, texture, harmony and rhythm. But alongside the complexity there is also a strong melodic sense… All of the album personnel play superbly and engineer Tyler McDiarmid’s mix (working in conjunction with producer Eagles) captures every nuance and subtlety of the music with pinpoint precision.
★★★★ The Jazz Mann (review)

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