Coming Soon: ‘Quinsin Nachoff’s Ethereal Trio’ ft. Quinsin Nachoff – tenor sax, Mark Helias – double bass and Dan Weiss – drums. Worldwide release: May 19 2017


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It was Quinsin Nachoff’s involvement in the Penderecki String Quartet’s commission ‘Stars and Constellations: Scorpio’, for string quartet and saxophone trio, which prompted the New York-based, Canadian-born saxophonist to further the idea of establishing a chord-less trio as a distinct project away from his larger ensemble successes. A stand-alone concert with seasoned musicians Mark Helias (double bass) and Dan Weiss (drums) created the conceptual spark; and following the writing of new material early in 2016, a series of concerts in New York, Toronto and Montreal neatly led to this single-session recording — Quinsin Nachoff’s Ethereal Trio.

“There’s a huge history of composing for instrumental trio, I enjoy writing this way as it gives me two distinct voices that I can really work with. As a bassist, Mark Helias is such an experienced musician – I can compose harmonically or contrapuntally and he always expands it to such an extent that we’re never missing harmony; if we play in more of an open setting, it leaves us more freedom. Dan Weiss is a master of dealing with anything rhythmically –so he can be very free within even something very structured. From a saxophonist’s point of view, I’m able to explore a greater range in the instrument; I can either be busier or leave more space. All three of us love to investigate different colors and extended techniques, so many different directions are possible. Once we’ve understood what the direction is for each composition then that’s when the magic starts to happen.”

Opening an album which blends through-composition and improvisation, each piece having its own plot and internal logic, ‘Clairvoyant Jest’ finds Nachoff’s saxophone dancing across rhythmically-twisted swing, characterized by double-stopped, open-stringed bass and harmonics which highlight the harmonic motion. Yet the trio’s predominant vibe is searching and otherworldly, hence the ‘ethereal’ tag, with ‘Gravitas’ focusing on freer response and reflection as its questioning saxophone motifs are interpreted by arco bass. Suggesting a change in our imaginative picture of the world, ‘Imagination Reconstruction’s animation pairs sax and Helias’ bass harmonics magnificently, and the ten-minute progression of ‘Portrait in Sepia Tones’ ramps up into a superbly percussive maelstrom. ‘Push-Pull Topology’ possesses an underlying walking-bass thread, stretching and pulling different rhythms – fives over fours over threes – while the bristling landscapes of ‘Subliminal Circularity’ summon the leader’s equally raw and rippling saxophonic tones.

Quinsin Nachoff relishes the freedom and the opportunities this trio offers: “I’m regularly involved in projects which include a lot of composing, arranging and organizational effort to make them happen. This Ethereal Trio album became much more about simply playing the saxophone, which was extremely fun and rewarding – and these musicians are such a pleasure to play with. That’s the world I like to live in.”


See Quinsin Live


April 1 – Live on Elgin, Ottawa Canada

April 23 – Grace Church, NY, USA

June 27 – Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, Canada

June 28 – Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, Canada


“A powerful statement of intent.” Henry Spencer’s ‘Reasons Don’t Change’ reviewed by Jazz Views and Herald Scotland

The Reasons Don’t Change  the debut album from up-and-coming trumpet player and composer Henry Spencer.

Henry Spencer – trumpet

Nick Costley-White – guitar

Matt Robinson – piano, keyboards

Andrew Robb – double bass

David Ingamells – drums


“A powerful statement of intent from a young musician determined to be noticed, and should get him the attention he deserves.”
Jazz Views (full review)

“Spencer’s clear focus produces music that’s strong, direct, dramatic and emotionally involving.”
Herald Scotland​ (full review)

Release Day: Partikel’s ‘Counteraction’ + brand new video, ★★★★ All About Jazz review and tour dates


“​Imbued with a kaleidoscopically changing palette of sonic colours and tempos this is an album of brave and imaginative compositions enhanced by bravura performances… ​their ​best to date.”​
★★★★ All About Jazz (full review)


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Since their Whirlwind debut as an acoustic trio (Cohesion, 2012), Partikel have progressively pushed at the developmental possibilities, and 2015’s String Theory – augmenting the line-up of Duncan Eagles (saxophones), Max Luthert (double bass) and Eric Ford (drums) with string quartet – generated significant interest, spawning numerous gigs both in the UK and internationally. These live experiences (including a month touring China) saw the band’s sound climbing to new heights, enhanced by the work of violinist Benet McLean and super-sized with the creative blends enabled by digital harmonizers, pedals and programming.

So vibrant new release Counteraction shifts up yet another gear, with music crafted specifically around this forward-thinking approach, while also introducing atmospheric electric guitarist Ant Law, cellist Matthew Sharp, flautist and baritone saxophonist Anna Cooper, and electronic sound designer Sisi Lu. The compositions (mostly by Eagles) explore fascinating textural avenues, balancing and integrating them with the band’s original sax, bass and drums identity to create often strikingly unusual resonances. For example, their revisitation of previously-issued trio track ‘Blood of the Pharoah’ now elevates its spatial, percussive mystery through windswept ambience and cello, achieving greater dramatic intensity.

A cinemascopic aura of free-spirited storytelling is the key to this hour-long journey, the electronics and orchestral surge of ‘Land and Sea’ representing its title’s intended contrasts. ‘Scenes and Sounds’ is blurred with synthy urban abstractions which explode into the animated rhythms of Eagles, Luthert and Ford, accentuated by Law’s fretboard improvisations; and the afterglow cool of ‘Lanterns’, prompted by a visit to Beijing, quietly sparkles with impressionistic radio signals and teems with city life.

Soundtrack-style fusions in title track ‘Counteraction’ make it almost uncategorizable, as echoic layers of multi-double-stopped violin and electronics are balanced with tenor and percussion. The episodic invention in Max Luthert’s ‘Moving Fields’ takes the band into prog territory, full of raging complexity; and a zesty, New Orleans feel to ‘Bolden Days’ (a tribute to pioneer Buddy Bolden) is laced with bamboo flute inflections and blues-folk violin glissandi.

This album’s zeal is defined by strongly collaborative arrangements and explosive playing throughout – but then, to follow such an evolving course is a liberating process for the band: “Partikel will always have the acoustic trio at its heart. But opening ourselves to a range of genres such as electronica, as well as experiencing the music of different cultures, widens the appeal of our music, bridging gaps for audiences. Though we like to maintain a level of artistic integrity, to keep it challenging, it’s great that this is already happening.” ​


Partikel Show Dates


24th March – Jazz Im Braunschweig, Germany

25th March – Unterfahrt, Munich (Counteraction Euro album launch)

26th March – Jazz Im Bruckenstern, Hamburg, Germany

29th April – Jazzahead, Bremen

3rd May – Queens Head, Monmouth

4th May – Cafe Jazz, Cardiff

5th May – Progress Theatre, Reading, UK

7th May – Colchester Arts Center, UK

11th May – King’s Place, Hall 2 (UK album launch)

19th May – The Verdict, Brighton, UK


“Imaginative displays of virtuosic improvisation.” – Jazz Journal reviews Andre Canniere’s ‘The Darkening Blue’

Great review in for London-based trumpeter Andre Canniere’s third Whirlwind release The Darkening Blue featuring:

Tori Freestone – sax, Ivo Neame – piano, Michael Janisch – double and electric bass, Ted Poor – drums and guest vocalist Brigitte Beraha.

“An impressive collaboration with imaginative displays of virtuosic improvisation.”
Jazz Journal (website)


Latest show announcement:

29th June – The Old Town Hall Arts Centre, Hemel Hempstead (tickets)

Ingrid and Christine Jensen’s ‘Infinitude’: DownBeat magazine ‘Editor’s Pick’ feature, interviews, reviews and airplay

Infinitude is the debut release from sisters Ingrid and Christine Jensen 

Ingrid Jensen – trumpet

Christine Jensen saxophone

Ben Monder guitar

Fraser Hollins – bass

Jon Wikan – drums



Here are the latest highlights for  Infinitude:

Feature interview with Jazz Speaks, the official blog of New York’s Jazz Gallery: (read)

Infinitude is DownBeat Editor’s Pick (scroll down to see)

Ingrid and Christine are included in a Jazz Happening Now special airing this week in celebration of Women’s History Month as examples of women who are making jazz history in 2017: (listen)

“Sonically lush, harmonically rich… there is a forcefulness to this project that should make it stand apart in the long history of the Jensen’s collaboration.”
Jazz Scene (OR) (website)

Recent Reviews:

“An inspired exploration of diverse soundscapes and beautiful melodies.”
REC Radio (FR) (website)

“Superb musicality… This exquisite, understated album may stand as one of the best albums of the year.”
Jazz History Online (full review)



“Music full of space, passion and wit.” Tori Freestone’s ‘El Barranco’ latest reviews from Europe.

More great press in from Europe for El Barranco by British tenor saxophonist Tori Freestone with colleagues Dave Manington (double bass) and Tim Giles (drums).

“[Freestone] changes moods and sound colors at will but without ever losing the thread.”
Sound & Image (website)

“A melodic yet playful blurring of the boundaries between the written and the improvised.”
CD Aktuell (website)

“Music full of space, passion and wit.”
RheinMain Magazine (website)


Josephine Davies talks to London Jazz about recent release ‘Satori’ + All About Jazz review


“A truly gifted and imaginative saxophonist, Davies undoubtedly possesses the art of the improviser and has produced an album of exuberant lyricism and consistently engaging tunes.”
All About Jazz (full review)

Official album trailer for Satori (left)

Josephine Davies – saxophone

Dave Whitford – bass

Paul Clarvis – drums

This week London Jazz has featured an interview with Josephine. Click here to read.

“New stories brimming with invention.” Jazzwise Magazine feature + review of Partikel’s Counteraction prior to its release March 24th


“Diverse and symphonic… New stories bursting with invention.”
Jazzwise Magazine

Jazzwise Magazine feature – March 2017 (above)

Since their Whirlwind debut as an acoustic trio (Cohesion, 2012), Partikel have progressively pushed at the developmental possibilities, and 2015’s String Theory – augmenting the line-up of Duncan Eagles (saxophones), Max Luthert (double bass) and Eric Ford (drums) with string quartet – generated significant interest. Vibrant new release Counteraction shifts up yet another gear introducing atmospheric electric guitarist Ant Law, flautist and baritone saxophonist Anna Cooper, and electronic sound designer Sisi Lu. The compositions (mostly by Eagles) explore fascinating textural avenues, balancing and integrating them with the band’s original sax, bass and drums identity to create often strikingly unusual resonances.

Release date: March 24th 2017

Discover Counteraction:

Release Day: Kenny Warren Quartet’s ‘Thank You for Coming to Life’ ft. JP Schlegelmilch, Noah Garabedian & Satoshi Takeishi + Japan & US show dates and new official album trailer


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Trumpeter and composer Kenny Warren brings his new album Thank You for Coming to Life to Whirlwind – with close friends and empathetic colleagues JP Schlegelmilch (piano), Noah Garabedian (bass) and Satoshi Takeishi (drums) – in a program of six self-penned tracks that flare with character and eclecticism. Hailing from Denver, Colorado and now an integral part of the New York improvised music scene, Warren’s multifarious collaborations include Ben Stapp’s Zozimos, Andy Biskin’s 16 Tons, Slavic Soul Party; and in addition to two album releases with his folk-jazz songwriting project Laila and Smitty, he has duetted with guitarist Jeremiah Lockwood, fellow Whirlwind artist and pianist Bobby Avey and tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby.

This confluence of artists – whose disciplines and considerable track records lie in both the traditional and more experimental strands – inspires freedom in improvisation aligned to an exciting rhythmic symbiosis, all fronted by Warren’s lucid and engaging trumpet: “There’s a lot of trust in this band. So although we’d played this set live, maybe ten times before recording, as leader it was great to say, ‘Well, this is the piece… you know how it goes… but really play it however you want.’ And we got a result that I’m proud of.”

A perfect example of the quartet’s connection is opener ‘Stones Change’, which Warren says creates its own little world through contrapuntal trumpet and piano lines: “Over a few years of playing inside this composition, the band has become more and more free to stretch and superimpose ideas over it.” Episodic ‘Huge Knees’ (arising from Warren’s compositional piano imaginings) is linked thematically – and this broad, shifting, twelve-minute leviathan contrastingly pulsates and shimmers with impressive continuity, the trumpeter blasting rapidly and chromatically, ever higher.

Reflecting on the pressing issues revolving around unity and the global populace, the modal fifths progression of ‘Iranosaurus Rex’ creates a melancholic landscape, Warren’s softer tones melding with piano ahead of a tumultuous, percussive uprising. Snappy ‘Hala Hala’ (named after a favorite Brooklyn Bodega) is full of agitated, free energy and swing as breathless, combined riffs exemplify this personnel’s meticulous synergy; and ‘Cheese Greater’ – described by Warren as being “played from top to bottom, with the sections then revisited in reverse order for improvisation” – enthusiastically jives through the solidity of Garabedian’s bass and Takeishi’s kit. Closing track ‘Every Moment is Born, Lives and Dies’ contemplates the vastness of creation with lyrical wonder (“the entirety of our human experience is almost like the blink of an eye”), its song-like simplicity revealing a softer-edged facet to this entertaining quartet.

Kenny Warren is delighted to have the opportunity to extend this music beyond his New York environs: “I love the way these guys play, individually as well as in this band. JP and I have worked closely on a number of projects over a dozen years (we went to school together and he drove me to see shows at legendary clubs such as Tonic, Barbes​ and Zebulon – life-altering moments); and Noah and Satoshi have a really interesting hook-up. So it’s great to finally get a quartet album out there.”


Kenny Warren Show Dates


Saturday March 11 – Union Hall, Brooklyn NY

Monday April 10 – SUB, Osaka, Tokyo

Saturday April 15 – Jazzspot Candy, Tokyo

Sunday April 16 – Kissa Sakaiki, Tokyo

Wednesday April 19 – Asagaya Violon, Tokyo

Saturday April 22nd – NYU/DC Abramson Family Auditorium (w/ Michael Formanek’s Ensemble Kolossus)

Wednesday May 24 –  Bar Below Rye, NY (Duo with Bobby Avey)

Wednesday June 14 – Barbes, Brooklyn NY

Tuesday June 20 – ETA, LA (Chris Speed/Kenny Warren/Jordan Brooks/Aaron Steele)


Kenny Warren Quartet

Joel Harrison’s 2017 Alternative Guitar Summit starts in New York March 10th

On Fri March 10, guitarist, composer, arranger vocalist and songwriter Joel Harrison
(Spirit House, Leave The Door Open) presents the 2017 Alternative Guitar Summit, a yearly gathering of daring and inventive players who emphasize new and unusual approaches to the guitar and celebrates its enormous range, beyond style or genre.

This year the festival starts in New York with Joel interviewing Pat Metheney on stage prior to a show celebrating the renown guitarists career and continues with a series of concerts, masterclasses and workshops.

For more information visit:
Alternative Guitar Summit or Info & Tickets