Paul Jackson Trio ‘Groove Or Die’ promo video + photos from recent recording by Carl Hyde

Paul ‘The Headhunter” Jackson is releasing his new trio’s debut album Groove Or Die on NOV 3 this year and the response to his new release has been fantastic so far.  Big thanks to everyone who has shown the new video for ‘Midnight is a Lonely Heart‘ a few weeks back.   We’d like to share with you the new promo video for the album, check it out below


Also check out some great shots of the recording session by Carl Hyde at WAX Studios back in April when the album was recorded.IMG_7120 IMG_7060 IMG_7056 IMG_7055 IMG_7050 IMG_7038 IMG_7023 IMG_7017 IMG_7016 IMG_7009 IMG_7007 IMG_7004 IMG_6995 IMG_6993 IMG_6990 IMG_6989 IMG_6987 IMG_6977 IMG_6973 IMG_6970 IMG_6969 IMG_6968 IMG_6967 IMG_6966 IMG_6965 IMG_6962 IMG_6960 IMG_6955 IMG_6951 IMG_6950 IMG_6948 IMG_6946 IMG_6944 IMG_6940 IMG_6938 IMG_6937 IMG_6935 IMG_6933 IMG_6932 IMG_6929 IMG_6928 IMG_6927 IMG_6925 IMG_6922 IMG_6919 IMG_6917 IMG_6916 IMG_6915 IMG_6913




Press Update: Joel Harrison and Anupam Shobhakar’s ‘Leave the Door Open’: Praising Reviews from London Jazz News, Jazz Weekly, Premier Guitar, Jazzwise, Jazz Times, Concerto Magazine, Drumhead Magazine, Folker, HiFi and Records, Jazziz, Saarbrücker Zeitung and SOL plus Radio Features by Deutschlandradio, SWR2 and WDR 3 Jazz

Leave the Door Open is the debut album from Multiplicity, a multicultural, genre-defying collaboration between Guggenheim Fellow and world-renowned American guitarist Joel Harrison and North Indian-native, virtuoso classical sarodist and composer Anupam Shobhakar. The album beams with an amalgamation of styles influenced from the worlds of Indian classical, jazz, blues and roots music, featuring a stellar cast of some of the finest contemporary creative musicians in the world: Gary Versace (piano, B-3 organ, accordion), Dan Weiss (drums and tables), Hans Glawischnig (acoustic & electric bass), as well as special guests David Binney (alto saxophone), Todd Isler (percussion), Bonnie Chakraborty and Chandrashekar Vase (vocals).

We have in some recent online news articles from:

(click for link)
London Jazz News
Jazz Weekly
Premier Guitar

(and some great articles featured below in:)
Jazzwise Magazine
Jazz Times Magazine
Concerto Magazine
Drumhead Magazine
HiFi and Records
Saarbrücker Zeitung

and radio features by:

Deutschlandradio (featured 14th June 2014)
WDR 3 Jazz

Concerto Magazine AustriaDrumHeads June-July 2014FOLKER Mai-Juni 2014Hifi & Records July-Aug. 2014Jazztimesjazzwise
sarrbrucker zeitungScreen Shot 2014-08-27 at 00.23.32Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 00.23.49Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 00.32.42Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 00.32.56Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 00.33.05







































 And here’s the highlight from what the international press has been saying about Leave the Door Open.

“A vibrant fusion.”
The New York Times

“Harrison & Shobhakar offer precise musical diversity. Some people might say that jazz was yesterday? MULTIPLICITY aka LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN proves the opposite.”
5 Stars, DieRedaktion (Germany)

“A release of considerable appeal… never less than stimulating.”
5 Stars, Jazz Journal

“To say an artist “is challenging himself” is a tired cliche, so let’s simply note that guitarist/composer Joel Harrison exhibits uncommon curiosity and endurance in his search for different ways to make his music beautiful and visceral. On Leave the Door Open, Harrison forges ahead with kindred spirit Anupam Shobhakar on a project that entwines classical, pop and improvisational modes from both an American and Indian perspective.”
JazzTimes Magazine (featured article)

“At its best, Multiplicity managers to be both reflective and forward-looking; it is nearly always original in its marriage of the Indian and Western.”
4 Stars, Downbeat Magazine

“Leave the door open and music from all different corners of the world flocks in. Not only from India which would be obvious, no, Joel Harrison & Aunpam Shobhakar’s album features much more than a new extraction of a combination of Indian and Jazz sounds. This is a World Music Jazz recording how it should be with high delights coming from playing blues, jazz and folk as it is heard rarely done together. Harrison’s musical door is really wide open especially in comparison to other recordings of other artists who couldn’t open the door more than a little bit.”
5 Stars, Concerto Magazine (Austria)

“Music – the language of the world. And with this recording we really understand what this means.”
Jazz Podium (Germany)

“His latest collaboration, with classical Indian sarode player Anupam Shobhakar, sounds like an exploration of the deepest roots of all guitar-like instruments.”
4 Stars, The Irish Times

“The mixtures of these fusions are never clearly stated, but they surprise with unexpected sounds and figures from different worlds.”
Hifi & Records

“An exhilarating combination of tastes. Traditions of jazz, blues and Indian improvisation come together and change each other in this intriguing and beautiful album.”
London Jazz

“Harrison is as prolific as he is eclectic, as can be seen in his most recent output.”
Premier Guitar (featured article)

“A summary of the two musicians can be looked at like this: As different as they are, the Mississippi and the Ganges, flowing through both is the same freshwater.”
Musikstunde (Germany)

“With Harrison and Shobhakar’s stylistic confluence, intuitive interpretive skills and compelling compositional abilities, Leave the Door Open is a project that, hopefully, won’t be a one-time affair. It’s a heady brew that doesn’t so much find a meeting point where East and West meet as it does blow the door open between the two, allowing the music to seamlessly ebb and flow from and towards both sides, creating something that’s the sum total of both but equally reverent to their individual touchstones.”
All About Jazz

“The material is disparate, the project is ambitious.”
Jazz Thing Magazine (Germany)

“The album thrills with an impressive mix of Indian Classical, jazz, blues and folk. Besides the two heads of the project, there is an illustrious selection of core musicians to the ensemble. An excellent collection of creative forces.”
Rhein Main Magazine (Germany)

“American guitarist Joel Harrison developed a joint band project with the North Indian Sarode player Anupam Shobhakar, and the results are a rousing World Jazz Mix with very exciting, quiet passages.”
BR Klassic (Germany)

“Moods flowing from pastoral to mercurial at the drop of a hat… The blues is universally celebrated here. Dig in!”
Jazz Weekly

“Virtuosic traditional yodeling and throat singing from one of the vocalists initially permeates the raga-like theme, created by timbral mash-ups from tremolo organ, stop-time percussion and tabla clunks. Finally pressurized energy bursts into thrilling animation as processed guitar distortions and staccato sarod quivers cross and challenge each other.”
New York City Jazz Record

“An impressive piece of work.”
Jazzwise Magazine

“The album title says it all – namely the request to leave the door wide open. Something special.”
Rocktimes (Germany)

“An ambitious release.”
UK Vibe

“Leave The Door Open is the debut album Multiplicity, a multi-cultural, genre-spanning project of the Guggenheim student and world-renown guitarist Joel Harrison and originating from northern India, virtuoso classic Sarode player and composer Anupam Shobhakar. The album excites with an impressive mix of Indian classical, jazz, blues and folk. In addition to the two heads of the project belongs an illustrious selection of excellent musicians in the ensemble.”
Musik Magazine (Germany)

“A truly illustrious group of high caliber musicians.”
Music und Sich

“Heart Touching simplicity meets thorny jazz eruptions.”
Musicreview (Germany)

“Harrison and Shobhakar blend more than well, and they produce a nuanced meshing of ancient and modern musical styles that include the inclusion of traditional Bengali music and an African-American spiritual harnessing incendiary improvisational resources to spectacular effect at certain points.”
Marlbank (UK)

“The two “duel” with great devotion with a touch of spirituality in the air.”
Sound & Image (Germany)

“In a week teeming with albums that could be designated as Something Different, this collaboration between guitarist Joel Harrison and sarodist Anupam Shobhakar may top them all. A mix of jazz, Indian classical, blues and soul, this fascinating set of tunes transcends influence while remaining salt of the earth. Joining the duo are the keys (and accordion) of Gary Versace, the bass of Hans Glawischnig, the drums & percussion of Dan Weiss, and guests David Binney and Todd Isler. Terribly compelling music. Recommended.”
Wondering Sound

Drummer Magazine’s recommended new releases for March, 2014
Drummer Magazine

“The album works perfectly; the palette is stretched really far – from jazz to classical, rock and blues to Indian folk.”
Saarbrücken Zeitung (Germany)

BIG NEWS: Jochen Reuckert to release ‘We Make The Rules’ Oct 14th worldwide ft. Mark Turner, Lage Lund, Matt Penman + Euro Launch Tour

Jochen Reuckert FB


We Make The Rules is the debut WWR release from the multifaceted drummer & composer Jochen Rueckert, a German native who’s been based in NYC since 1995, where he’s become one of the preeminent artists of his generation known for his work with Marc Copland, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nils Wogram’s Root 70, Sam Yahel, Will Vinson and Seamus Blake. Jochen is also renown for his work in electronic music under the alias “Wolff Parkinson White” as well as his long running book series “Read the Rueckert- travel observations and pictures of hotel rooms”.

The album features Reuckert’s quartet, a truly stellar cast of players which has been together since 2009, featuring long standing musical cohorts Mark Turner on tenor saxophone, Lage Lund on guitar and Matt Penman on double bass, all three guiding lights of their generation. Rueckert explains, “I’ve known Mark for about 18 years, I’ve played in his band occasionally and also got to know him while playing in Kurt Rosenwinkel’s band. He’s my favorite tenor player and I used to be at Smalls Jazz Club every Tuesday when he would play in Kurt’s famed group when I first got to NYC in the 90s. Lage I’ve known for 10 years and I love both his tone and the harmonic flow he brings to my songs. We’ve played together a lot, especially in alto saxophonist Will Vinson’s band. Matt is the first great bass player I ever played with and it was an eye-opener. We’ve known each other for over 20 years and were roommates for about four years. We have been playing in Nils Wogram’s band ‘Root 70’ for over a decade and in Sam Yahel’s trio for about 10 years. Playing with him is like riding a bicycle.”

Indeed this playing history and group cohesion is immediately apparent on We Make The Rules, which features all original music that was written by Rueckert around 2011 and subsequently toured internationally before going into the studio to record. “I’m getting a little allergic to ‘project style recordings’, where you play music in the studio without being able to fine tune it on the road,” Rueckert adds. “All said and done, the music on the album was recorded in only seven hours and six of the tracks are first takes, the rest second takes. The perks of having a working band!” The album boasts a pristine sound quality to boot as a result of post production work carried out by one of NY’s all-time sonic gurus James Farber.

Compositionally, the music was conceived with each of his band members in mind and covers a lot of ground while featuring the use of Rueckert’s penchant for writing understated melodies. ‘Yellow Bottoms’, for example, is reminiscent of early 60s compositions by Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock, who are among Jochen’s favorite influences. Drawing from the compositional styles of his peers Hayden Chisholm and Nils Wogram, who churn motives and rhythms around while adding a lot of contrast throughout a song’s sections, ‘Pretty From Afar’ implores these devices by starting out anthemic, then dissolves, picking up again just to ultimately peter out in the last section which ends softly with almost a sense of despair or disappointment. Other influences can be pinpointed to Rueckert’s formative years in the 1990s: Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner and Reid Anderson; there are even hints of 1900s classical music and a quote from a Deftones song on ‘Saul Goodman’. Rueckert’s experiences working in the bands of other musicians come into play as well: “I get frustrated as a sideman when I have to read overly complicated forms, or when the solo sections are then simplified or some separate thing. I purposefully wrote most of the music so that the solos are on the actual forms of the songs, making them more of a complete and cohesive piece. I also tried to not shy away from having a fair amount of swingers which I really miss on many recent albums.”

As much as the songs on the album were written as vehicles for his bandmates to take on improvisational flight (and in that capacity they shine brilliantly), they were also inspired by Jochen’s life experiences. As he explains: “‘Alloplasty’ is meant in the psychoanalytic way, not the surgery. I am plagued by intense fear of flying and it’s one of the things that comes up in therapy. ‘Pretty From Afar’ is about a girl I saw once in Helsinki at a gig. The band was watching her throughout the set in the back of the club, intrigued. We were all talking about her but later she came up to us and was ugly as sin. ‘Manong Twilight At The Whatever Hotel’ is named after a piece of art by my uncle Carlos Villa from San Fransisco. He was an enthusiastic jazz fan and saw everybody play in the 60s. He passed away when I was writing that tune.

One of Jochen’s catch phrases is the ability to “have many moods to choose from” and as a composer he succeeds greatly at presenting an album that reflects this notion as well as tackling the great challenge of coalescing life’s concepts and feelings with instrumental music. No doubt We Make The Rules will further solidify his reputation as one of the premier drummer/bandleaders working in jazz and improvised music today.


Catch Jochen and the band on tour in OCT. Here are the dates, for more info, go to Jochen’s website.

Jochen Rueckert Quartet Euro launch tour for We Make The Rules

Bobby Avey’s ‘Authority Melts From Me’ Press Update: Worldwide Acclaim from Magnet Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Downbeat Magazine, JazzTimes Magazine, Jazz Thing Germany, Sound und Musik, Jazz Magazine (France), and more + DEC Euro Tour

Authority Melts from Me is the fascinating new album from Bobby Avey, praised by the New Yorker magazine as “A young pianist of invention and refinement.” Winner of the 2011 Thelonious Monk Competition for composition, Avey also received the 2011 “New Jazz Works: Commissioning and Ensemble Development Grant” from Chamber Music America, which enabled Avey to travel to Haiti to record a Vodou Ceremony in the small village of Soukri and subsequently create an hour-long suite grounded in rhythms found in Haitian Vodou drumming. This compelling suite of new music pays homage to the Haitian Revolution and features the immense talents of Miguel Zenón, Ben Monder, Thomson Kneeland, and Jordan Perlson.

Bobby’s album has made a big impact this year and the response from the worldwide press is a testament to just how special his album is.  Here’s some of the many recent highlights:

Bobby Magnet copy


Magnet Magazine feature (left photo)

JazzTimes Magazine article can be read here

Los Angeles Times mention can be found here (and scroll down)

The Jazz Breakfast weighed in here

Downbeat Magazine featured Bobby here

London Jazz reviews the album here

Sound and Image (Germany) review here

Musik Reviews (Germany) gives the album 4 1/2 stars here

Music und Sich with a glowing article here

Der Horspiegel review can be read here

And below check out the reviews from Germany’s Jazz Thing and France’s Jazz Magazine.






Bobby French


Jazz thing Juni-Aug. 2014

















Here’s the highlight quotes so far from the international press:


“Authority Melts From Me is, indeed, powerful music with a message about the costs of freedom and the perils of foreign neglect and/or intervention. The music does not sweep away the misery but acts as a reminder of the power of native traditions in the time of upheaval.”
Step Tempest

“Backed by a band that includes saxophonist Miguel Zenón and guitarist Ben Monder, Avey delivers an engrossing listen that, like the best of jazz, transcends borders.”
The Los Angeles Times

“He has created a cliche-free work of progressive jazz that’s virtually cinematic in its intensity… It’s Authority Melts From Me that sees Avey break free as a composer of sophistication and depth.”
4 1/2 Stars, Downbeat Magazine

“Bobby Avey is one of those young jazz pianists who is not only equipped with high technical ability, but also with a musical understanding that is necessary to give rise out of notes real music that can touch the listener. And that’s exactly what he achieves with his new album Authority Melts From Me.”
Music und Sich (Germany)

“Bobby Avey’s visit to Haiti proved to be a life-changing experience.”
JazzTimes Magzine

“It’s as emotionally rich as it is intellectually complex, inspired by the Haitian Revolution of 1791-94, the first time slaves successfully rebelled against their white masters.”
Magnet Magazine (+ featured article)

“A suite of music that is powerful, not only in the stark originality of the writing, but also in the solidarity it shows for an oppressed people. Bobby Avey is a pianist on a steep upward curve.”
4 Stars, The Irish Times

“A thrilling ride from the off.”
The Jazz Breakfast

“Authority Melts From Me is a rare album in contemporary jazz; a musician using art for controversy; a suite used as a musical beacon against division and repression, with breathtaking instrumental performances.”
Musik Reviews (Germany)

“A fascinating new album.”
CD Aktuell, (Germany)

“An intense album with its own character that asks the listener to get in touch with the background of the music as much as the music itself.”
Horspiegel (Germany)

“An intense and brilliant pianist and composer who reaffirms the capacity of jazz music to integrate musical traditions without mimicking them, as well as the social role of the musicians to keep consciences awake.”
Jazz Magazine (France)

“A virtuosic quintet album.”
Jazz Thing, (Germany)

“Free improvisation, zigzag meters, expressive and instrumental acrobatics sprawling, multi-layered sound collages, to compassionate descriptions of a culture that Bobby Avey actually knows from personal experience. A straight-thinking American shows solidarity for this country [Haiti] by means of music. ”
Sound & Image (Germany)

“You can’t help but wonder where the last hour went. As you restart the recording, you realize that you just don’t care. Some masterful ensemble work.”
Something Else Reviews

“This is clearly a deep and rich resource, within and beyond music, given that these rituals fueled by drumming have been practized in some communities on the [Haitian] island for centuries.”
London Jazz

“In addition to writing a musical piece dedicated to Haiti, a country, says Avey, whose government, aided by the U.S., “has presided over eight years of human rights abuses,” he is, in addition to making a political statement, hoping “to add something to the legacy of jazz that stays true to the aspirations of that music while incorporating a style that up to now has not been explored in this way.” A style hypnotic, percussive, slashingly dissonant and yet enormously disciplined.”
Buffalo News

“Zenón is superb in the quiet, voicelike overtures to his solo on the rhythm-bending, delicately impressionistic Kalfou; Avey unveils his subtlety with dynamics, patience and harmonic imagination on the unaccompanied Piano Interlude; and the climactic Louverture and Cost boil with complex polyrhythms of single-note sax hoots, metallic guitar sounds, and lashed percussion accents.”
The Guardian

“Authority Melts From Me is made up of three lengthy pieces—”Kalfou,” “Louverture,” and “Cost,” each running between 13 and 18 minutes—and two three-minute interstitial pieces, one for piano and one for drums. It plays out as a single seamless work, by a band made up of Miguel Zenón on saxophone, Ben Monder on guitar, Avey on piano, Thomson Kneeland on bass, and Jordan Perlson on drums. It shifts, moment by moment, from agitated bursts of counterpoint to spacious solos to almost orchestral swells, always moving forward, restless and impetuous.”
Burning Ambulance

“It’s an absorbing quite superb listen, the suite inspired by Haiti’s 1791 slave revolt at its core. A significant achievement.”
4 Stars, Marlbank

“Zenón has never been more affectingly intense on record.”
Downbeat Magazine


and look out for Bobby and band on the road later this year:

Dec 2 – 12 2012 European Launch Tour

Bobby Avey’s “Authority Melts From Me”
Miguel Zenon, Ben Monder, Michael Janisch, Jordan Perlson

Dec 3 Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dec 4 Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho, London, England
Dec 5 CBSO Center Birmingham, England
Dec 9 Band on the Wall Manchester, England
Dec 10 Leeds College of Music Workshop AM, Performance PM, Leeds, England

more dates tbc

End of summer sale: 20% off site wide, use ‘WWRSUMMER’ at checkout! + newsletter

End of summer 2014 Sale: 20% off Site Wide

Michael Janisch & Whirlwind Recordings news:
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CITY OF POETS tour + Live recording at Pizza Express Sept 22: ft. Cedric Hanriot, Jason Palmer, Donny MaCaslin, Michael Janisch & Clarence Penn

We’ve recently agreed to release a fascinating new project led by Jason Palmer and Cedric Hanriot, also featuring WWR’s own Michael Janisch, sax-king Donny MaCaslin & Clarence Penn on drums called City of Poets. The band will be touring the US/UK and France and highlight dates include The Jazz Gallery in NYC, Indiana University in Ohio, Sunside in Paris, France and a special live recording concert for at the Pizza Express Jazz Club (bookings click here) on September 22, 2014. The album will be released sometime in 2015. Check the flyer below for more info:

City of Poets Online Tour Poster

Partisans Press Update: Jazzwise Magazine Feature + 4 Star review, All About Jazz 4 Star Review, Drummer Magazine, loads of Radio play + new full-length track from the album now streaming

Swamp is the fifth studio album from Partisans to be released Sept 22, who since their formation in 1996 have been thrilling audiences the world over with their ferociously energetic performances of tightly knit themes and the great freedom coming from their years of playing together, featuring Phil Robson, Julian Siegel, Thad Kelly and Gene Calderazzo.   Hot off a major North American tour, the band is getting a great deal of love from the press in the run up to their release.  Here’s what’s been going on:

Jazzwise feature - September 14 copy

In September’s upcoming issue of Jazzwise Magazine, Partisans get a great feature article (check a snapshot to the left), as well as a strong showing in the Jazzwise charts and a glowing 4 Star review to boot.

Jazzwise charts - September 14 copyJazzwise review- September 14 copy

















And big thanks to Drummer Magazine for adding the album to their recommended releases this month.

New Releases Drummer September 2014




We’ve also had a great All About Jazz review hit (4 Stars) check that out here.

As well as a great review from Jazz UK in their Aug-Sept issue (go to page 8/9)

And the band has had some great radio play on Hip Radio, Soul & Jazz’s ‘The European Jazz Union‘,  BBC’s Jazz Club and Jazz Line Up, Phonic FM and Jazz FM’s The Blue Print show w/ Chris Philips.


And we’re happy to share a full length track from the album, enjoy ‘Flip the Sneck’

Finally, check out the mini doc we made for the new release:

New track from Paul Jackson Trio’s ‘Groove or Die’ ‘Everything’ + previews now up for entire album

We’ve had a great response to the signing of Paul ‘The Headhunter’ Jackson and his new trio and now we’re happy to share that preview tracks from the entire album are now available on the album page.  And, here’s a full track ‘Everything’ from the album from our Bandcamp page.  Below that is the new music video ‘Midnight is a Lonely Heart’ filmed during the recording session. The album launches NOV 3 worldwide.  Enjoy!



BIG NEWS: Cloudmakers Trio to release ‘Abstract Forces’ Sept 29 + full length track preview from the album

Cloudmakers Trio AF

 check out ‘Snaggletooth’ from the album below!

Abstract Forces is the second release from Cloudmakers Trio, the brainchild of vibraphonist Jim Hart which features WWR founder Michael Janisch on double bass and Dave Smith on drums. The album is a powerful mix of strong grooves, catchy hooks and, as the title suggests, very open improvising. Hart’s writing explores different textures, moods and eclectic sound worlds, rendering the music unpredictable and exciting while at the same time beautifully accessible.

The album is an organic continuation of a well-established musical relationship originally formed to collaborate and record with the NYC-based trumpeter Ralph Alessi in 2010 (the result was the Cloudmakers’ debut Live at the Pizza Express, one of the most lauded albums of 2012 in the UK jazz/improv press). It was during the buildup to the tour and recording of the live album that Hart had the good sense make this trio the focus of his new compositions and arrangements.

Hart explains, “After years of playing together as a rhythm section for many artists, Michael, Dave and I decided to get together and prepare new music for a collaboration with Ralph, and during those rehearsals we three played a lot, sometimes up to eight hours a day. It was during these rehearsals that I realised it was the right moment to begin exploring, in greater depth, what potential the ‘vibes trio’ might have. I began writing music just for the trio and over the last four years we have developed and expanded the repertoire through regular touring. This record is a document of where we’re at in this process and I am extremely proud of it. It can sound much bigger than just three players at times whilst also having the dynamic interplay that you can only have in a trio.

For me, Abstract Forces is also the culmination of more than ten years of experience performing as a vibraphonist, as well as leading bands and writing for this instrument. Since I formed my first quartet band ‘Gemini’ in 2003 I have been trying to develop a sound and an approach to the vibes as the only harmony instrument in the ensemble. It is a role that I have always felt under exploited for the the vibes and I have made it my mission to do something about that. In a way I have been quietly developing Cloudmakers Trio from within various quartets since that time.

The name of the group and album comes from the analogy of a trio of rhythm section instruments acting as an engine room within the music. I thought of it like a power station that also produces clouds which have an abstract, ethereal quality to them. Our music is definitely highly charged and has a strong rhythmical focus on the one hand, but at the same time it is absolutely jazz in that it celebrates the freedom and openness of improvisation without being constrained by the compositions. There are abstract forces at work.”


Meet Cloudmakers Trio:

Amongst the hotbed of talent on the London post-jazz improv scene there is one band that stands out from the crowd for their no-gimmick & uncompromising approach to music making that effortlessly marries the complex with accessibility.  Cloudmakers Trio play original music that lies somewhere between New York’s ‘downtown’ sound and the modern European tradition, and with the help of their rare instrumentation, featuring the vibraphone in a trio leadership role, their soundworld defies category yet draws influence from a diverse range of music traditions, while maintaining a devotion to raw energy, in the moment risk taking, a dedication to deep groove and rhythm, and strong melody.

Under the leadership of the award-winning multi-instrumentalist Jim Hart, the Cloudmakers Trio represents the culmination of over a decade of musical growth between three of the finest London-based musicians currently working on the international jazz, improvised, and alternative music scenes.   And they have no boundaries; their collective resumes include performances with Evan Parker, Fofoulah, Sir John Dankworth, Joe Lovano, Kurt Rosenwinkel, JuJu, Dianne Reeves, Quincy Jones, Outhouse Ruhabi, Heritage Orchestra, Ingrid Jenson, Lee Konitz, Walter Smith III and Robert Plant.

Having performed as a trio for many touring projects over the years, Hart had the good sense to make this group the focus of his new compositions and arrangements. With US born, London-based virtuoso Michael Janisch on double bass, and long time musical associate David Smith on drums and percussion, Cloudmakers Trio officially formed in July, 2010.  Since their formation CMT has become a hit in their native UK and quickly become one of Mainland Europe’s most talked about young bands, with performances across the continent.  Excitedly, the trio have also turned heads in Japan & USA as well from fans, critics and prominent musicians alike as a result of their high-energy live shows and the release of their debut album.

Live at the Pizza Express (Whirlwind Recordings) which featured the iconic trumpeter, composer, and musical conceptualist Ralph Alessi was released in Sept, 2012 to international acclaim.  The album kickstarted an intense few years of worldwide touring, honing their band sound and developing all new repertoire, resulting in their forthcoming album Abstract Forces (release date Sept 2014).  This new collection of tunes masterfully penned by Hart sees CMT effortlessly blending free improvisation with full on rock grooves, hard swing mixed subtly complex rhythms, and unabashed group interplay paired with epic, soaring refrains.  No doubt their new album will boost their reputation further as one of the most exciting and eclectic of improv bands currently based in Europe.





NYSQ Press Update for ‘The New Straight Ahead’: 4 Star review + Taking Off Feature from Jazzwise, 4 Star Review from The Guardian & Praising Reviews from Bebop Spoken Here, London Jazz News, Midwest Record, The Jazz Breakfast, AP Reviews and Jazz Life + new promo video

NYSQ-Front-Cover2We’re delighted to share some great news about our recent release The New Straight Ahead by the NYSQ.  We have a 4 star review from both The Guardian and Jazzwise, with Jazzwise including a Taking Off Feature PLUS glowing reviews from Bebop Spoken Here, Jazz Life (via Japan), London Jazz News, 4 Stars in the Scotsmen, The Jazz Breakfast, AP Reviews, Midwest Record as well as a new promo video.

The 4 star review from The Guardian (UK) says that the album contains “familiar songs, but transformed by this set’s live feel and energy” and that “most 21st-century jazz musicians still playing American Songbook material want to bring freshness and surprise to those old classics. The New York Standards Quartet do so with the sheer verve and character of their playing, rather than by deconstructing the original pieces out of recognition.”

Jazzwise say, in their glowing 4 star review, that “each song re-voiced with today’s vocabulary very much in mind, modern mainstream if you will, the group interplay exhilarating all in typical New York fashion.” Jazzwise have also published a taking off feature for the release, which you can view in it’s entirety below (click image to zoom). It’s featured alongside another Whirlwind Recordings release, Ollie Howell’s ‘Sultures and Stitches’.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 15.52.51

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Bebop Spoken Here
 announce that “Armacost can do lyrical on both horns caressing and embracing a melody. Equally, he can roll up his sleeves and strip the paint off your deck with a blistering chorus or six. Beckman likewise contributes meaningful solos and comps sympathetically. Yasukagawa is outstanding – with Michael Janisch as executive producer – I’d expect nothing less!”

London Jazz News describes the album as “wonderful modern jazz, played with profound love for the tradition, brilliance and humour.” And AP Reviews and The Jazz Breakfast weigh in as well.

We also have a review from the Midwest Record who say that “turning chestnuts on their heads and having an infectiously good time doing it, this is one of those tasty things that makes the familiar new again and makes you offer them a renewed welcome.  It’s one of those wonderful fun things that simply works throughout and brings you back for more.  Check it out.”

The album has also been reviewed very favorably in Jazz Life (Japan).

Check out samples of the new release here, and featured below we have a brand new promo video that accompanies the release. To purchase please visit the Whirlwind store.