RELEASE DAY: ‘Infinite Blue’ by Patrick Cornelius Launches Worldwide Today!

Infinite Blue Low Res

A big congratulations to Patrick Cornelius as we are elated to announce the worldwide release of his latest album Infinite Blue. You can now purchase the release on the WWR site as a physical CD, digital album with album artwork, or individual tracks, as well as on iTunes, Amazon or stores everywhere across the globe.

*SPECIAL OFFER: purchase a physical copy (CD) of INFINITE BLUE and receive a FREE copy of Patrick’s first WWR release FIERCE.

Infinite Blue is the second album for Whirlwind Recordings by the award-winning New York-based Saxophonist and Composer Patrick Cornelius, and represents the refinement of melodic concepts that he has been exploring for years (and over the course of 3 previous solo albums). The idea of telling a story through the contour of melody and the color of orchestration continues to fascinate the young bandleader. Every song written for this new release tells a discrete story, either from the composer’s personal experience or some corner of his imagination.

To bring such specifically programmatic music to life, he enlisted an A-List of musicians with a keen ability to accompany and improvise with an ear towards musical narrative.

Percussion master Jeff Ballard’s resume speaks for itself, but most specifically his work with Brad Mehldau and with his own band Fairgrounds affirm his mastery of storytelling with rhythm. One of Patrick’s goals for Infinite Blue was to bring together established, seasoned professionals like Kimbrough and Ballard together with musicians of his own generation.07170003

There is no other musician with whom Cornelius has toured more than London-based bassist Michael Janisch, whose unrelenting groove and musical palette provide the sonic foundation for the entire album.

Trombonist Nick Vayenas and has been a stalwart collaborator of Patrick’s since their days at Berklee College of Music together in the 90s.

Miami native Mike Rodriguez (who earned his stripes playing with artists from Eric Reed to Charlie Hayden to Gonzalo Rubalcaba) is one of the leading trumpet virtuosos in New York right now.

The idea for Infinite Blue struck during an airplane flight from New York to Texas on a family trip. Seated next to a window, Patrick gazed out into the clear blue expanse, toyed with a melodic fragment in his head, and was able to jot it down into composition notebook during the flight. Upon returning home, the saxophonist got to work fleshing out the composition. When his 3 year old daughter handed him her coloring book and a handful of crayons to play with, one of the crayons caught his eye. It was labeled “Cielo Infinito” – Infinite Blue.

The album features: Patrick Cornelius, alto saxophone; Frank Kimbrough, piano; Michael Janisch, bass; Jeff Ballard, drums; Nick Vayenas, trombone (1, 4, 5, 6, 9); Michael Rodriguez, trumpet (2, 4, 5); John Chin (track 9 only). Recorded, mixed & mastered by the amazing Tyler McDiarmid in New York.

Click here to purchase Infinite Blue and to listen to album samples.




Announcing the debut album from drummer and composer Ollie Howell, ‘Sutures and Stitches’ + feature in Rhythm Magazine + Ronnie Scotts live dates supporting Jimmy Cobb + Fall Launch Tour Dates

Sutures and Stitches

Ollie Howell

Whirlwind Recordings is pleased to announce: 

Sutures and Stitches

The debut album from Ollie Howell

Ollie Howell – Drums, Compositions
Duncan Eagles – Tenor Saxophone
Mark Perry – Trumpet
Matt Robinson – Piano
Max Luthert – Double Bass

Release Date: September 23, 2013

“An unbelievable drummer. So creative I couldn’t believe it. This kid really is a 360-degree beautiful young cat that I believe has what it takes to make a life out of music.”

– Quincy Jones

Sutures and Stitches is the debut solo album from the multi-award winning drummer, composer and bandleader Ollie Howell, a remarkable young man who has overcome some of life’s biggest obstacles and used these events to compose a program of inspired music. Currently based in London, and already establishing a name for himself both in the UK and abroad, Ollie’s main focus as a composer and bandleader has been his own quintet, who were recently awarded the prestigious Peter Whittingham Development Award in 2012, administered by the Musician’s Benevolent Fund.

Howell’s debut chronicles a life changing and defining period of his life that had both dramatic highs (including the befriending and mentorship of Quincy Jones and of the legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb) and also dramatic lows. In 2009, Ollie was suddenly diagnosed with a brain malformation, which resulted in a series of mandatory neurosurgeries, the latest being in April 2012. The scars from Ollie’s surgeries (and their sutures and stitches) stand as reminders, not of his pain and anguish during that time, but of his recovery and determination to heal and forge something positive from this traumatic ordeal. Along with a full recovery, one of the big positives from Ollie’s life-changing experience has resulted in Sutures and Stitches. The music Ollie wrote for this album (some of which written from his hospital bed) would probably never have been born, were it not for his incredible journey throughout these past few years. Indeed, this album is much more than your typical debut, and stands as a shining testament of how passionate and inspired music can be born from the most dire of circumstances.

Recorded in London by Derek Nash and mixed and mastered by our in-house sound guru, the New York-based, 4-time Grammy nominee Tyler McDiarmid, the album boasts a pristine sound quality and a superb collection of original compositions that also take some big inspiration from the diverse sounds springing from the contemporary London and NYC jazz scenes, a strong dedication to melodic and memorable themes, driving grooves and features some of the brightest emerging stars on the UK scene. It’s truly an amazing story, and we at Whirlwind Recordings are delighted to help in sharing this powerful and inspiring statement from Ollie with the world.

Rhythm Magazine


Ollie was also featured in the latest edition of Rhythm Magazine with a nice shout out about his album, and you can catch him and his band playing music from his debut at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club opening for the legendary Jimmy Cobb this 2nd and 3rd August (Fri and Sat).







We’re also looking forward to Ollie’s big release tour this fall (yep, this young man has it all going on!), check the dates here, and for more detailed information, visit

04 Oct 2013
Bradford, UK
Bradford Jazz Club

06 Oct 2013
Lowestoft, UK
Milestones Jazz Club

09 Oct 2013
Sheffield, UK
Jazz At The Lescar
10 Oct 2013
London, UK
at the Whirlwind Festival

17 Oct 2013
Dorking, UK
Watermill Jazz Club

18 Oct 2013
Bristol, UK
Bebop Club

20 Oct 2013
Southampton, UK
Southampton Modern Jazz Club

22 Oct 2013
Birmingham, UK
Spotted Dog

25 Oct 2013
Colchester, UK
Fleece Jazz

28 Oct 2013
London, UK
Jazz In The Round @ The Cockpit

29 Oct 2013
Cardiff, UK
Dempseys Jazz Club

13 Nov 2013
Lincoln, UK
Terry O’ Toole Theatre, Lincoln

21 Nov 2013
Poole, UK
Poole Sound Cellar

24 Nov 2013
Newcastle, UK
Splinter Jazz

25 Nov 2013
Leeds, UK
Sela Bar (OH Quartet)

26 Nov 2013
Liverpool, UK
Parr Jazz (STUDIO2)

03 Dec 2013
London, UK
606 Jazz Club

“One of the most significant releases of the year so far” And the press rolls in for legendary composer and arranger Mike Gibbs new album + advance copies now available

“One of the most significant releases of the year so far,” is just one of the many great things expressed in Marlbank’s recent review and subsequent interview about legendary composer and arranger’s Mike Gibbs’ new Gil Evans inspired album.   Featuring a 12 piece ensemble made up of some of the UK’s most celebrated musicians, the album will be released on August 12, 2013 worldwide, but we now have advanced copies (both CDs and digital albums + tracks) available on the album page.  Check out one of the gorgeous arrangements Mike did for the record to the left, which features soprano saxophonist extraordinaire Julian Siegel.  Harmonic lushness. 

mike gibbs


Pre-Release Reviews In For Next WWR Release – ‘Infinite Blue’ by Patrick Cornelius


 Award winning, New York based saxophonist Patrick Cornelius will, in just three days time, be releasing his second album with WWR – Infinite Blue. The release has already gained glowing reviews from critics, with Bebop Spoken Here stating that “his alto playing is a treat” and from Marlbank, describing that “Cornelius..  leads from the front and on this his fourth album as a leader he is clearly getting results.”

The album includes top, leading musicians: pianist Frank Kimbrough, trumpeter Mike Rodriguez, trombonist Nick Vayenas, bassist Michael Janisch and drummer Jeff Ballard. To hear previews and purchase advanced copies please visit the album page.

BIG NEWS: Announcing the debut WWR release from award-winning pianist and composer John Escreet, ‘Sabotage and Celebration’ ft. David Binney, Chris Potter, Matt Brewer & Jim Black.



Announcing the debut WWR release from pianist and composer John Escreet:

Sabotage and Celebration

Worldwide release date: 

October 15, 2013


Featuring: John Escreet – Piano, Fender Rhodes, David Binney – Alto/Sop. Saxophones, Chris Potter – Tenor Saxophone, Matt Brewer – Double Bass, Jim Black – Drums.  Also with guests Adam Rogers – Guitar, Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi, Nina Geiger – Vocals + Full String and Brass section.

Check out some sound samples here:


About the Album:

 Sabotage and Celebration is the fifth solo album (and first WWR release) from one of the world’s most dynamic and original artists, pianist and composer John Escreet. The album glistens from start to finish with the endless imagination and unrelenting vision of a truly singular voice in modern music, and is aptly supported by an A-list of the world’s preeminent creative musicians who all contribute inspired performances at the peak of their powers. Any attempt to pigeonhole the music on the album would be futile, as Escreet’s compositional palette is as wide open as his piano virtuosity, complete without boundaries, and this new recording boasts such an ambitious production and scope it excitedly reaffirms with each listen that musical possibility is truly infinite.

Sabotage and Celebration was recorded on November 7th 2012, the day after the United States’ presidential election which saw Barack Obama win a second term in office over his opponent Mitt Romney. On the night before the recording date (election night itself), the group performed the music in NYC in preparation for the session (literally as the results were coming in) amidst an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty, which gave way to an atmosphere of celebration as the final result became apparent and was eventually announced. The title of the album is in many ways a literal description of the track that bears its name: in the early stages of the piece there is sonic madness, almost as if the music itself is being ‘sabotaged’. This eventually transitions into a highly contrasting second section, which emotes feelings of celebration and even dance. The title also refers to many of the widely reported voter issues (which many described as simply ‘voter sabotage’) that took place in various parts of the US during the election: overbearing and restrictive voter ID laws, the long lines at polling stations which ultimately prevented many people from casting their vote, as well as supposed ‘malfunctions’ in many electronic voting machines. Yet despite this, the end result signaled a celebration that reached way beyond the United States.PIC_3690-1 low res

The presidential election was not the only real life event that influenced the music on Sabotage and Celebration. Says Escreet, “The music was written at different stages, but a lot of it was written a week before the recording session, which was also during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season). NYC was effectively shut down for an entire week – there was no public transport and much of the city was without power. I was stuck in my apartment and couldn’t really go anywhere all week, so I stayed home, wrote and did nothing else. It just so happened that the music that I wrote during this time ended up being what I consider to be the strongest material.”

Escreet’s new album covers an incredible amount of musical ground. A string section is prominently featured as a result of his recent re-fascination with orchestral music; listen in as he seamlessly incorporates it into the context of a conventional quintet. And that’s not all- brass, guitars and vocals are also layered into the proceedings in surprising ways, creating music of a larger scale. “A lot of the albums back in the 70s featured a wider sonic palette, using stings, brass and all kinds of different instruments. Those influences, combined with some of the pop music I have been listening to recently helped shape the sound of this album, along with all kinds of other influences. I have also been spending more time in Los Angeles over the past couple of years, where my good friends and musical collaborators Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi (aka KNOWER) are based. It was great to have them contribute vocals to the last track on the album.” Escreet explains.

Sabotage and Celebration comes from a prolific individual who has digested an alarming amount of music in his barely 30 years, and yet with all of its sophistication and wit, Escreet composes and performs with big passion straight from the heart. If this is his vision of music at this stage in his young career, there really is no telling what’s next.

And that is a very exciting prospect.

The new promo video for Jeff William’s ‘The Listener’ + Brazil tour


 In June we released The Listener, the second WWR album from veteran drummer Jeff Williams, whose career has spanned over 40 years working the legends of jazz and improvisational music.  The music on The Listener was recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club on the band’s 2012 UK tour and we’re happy to share the official promo video with you today.  Check it out here and listen in as Jeff shares some great insights about the background of the album, his band and his musical goals of having improvisational freedom within a context.  Enjoy!
Also, Jeff is currently spending a week in Brazil playing music from The Listener.  Visit our Events page for more info.

5 Star Review from Nordwestschweiz & Review from Jazz Wax for John O’Gallagher’s WWR Release ‘The Anton Webern Project’

Webern Cover Photo

More reviews have reached us today here at WWR for our recent release by John O’Gallagher – The Anton Webern Project, with an oustanding review from Nordwestschweiz and a glowing review from Jazz Wax.

On the Anton Webern Project, Jazz Wax states it as “courageous stuff and easily the most innovative album of  the year” while popular Swiss newspaper Nordwestschweiz describes the album as a  “Synthesis of NY-bop and serial technique, a muti-layered, artful music that always swings for all the complexity and grooves” giving the album a full 5 stars.  

John O'gallagher pic

The album features fantastic musicians: John O’ Gallagher (alto Saxophone), Matt Moran (vibraphone), Pete McCann (guitar) Russ Lossing (hammond organ, rhodes, piano), Johannes Weidenmuller (double bass) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums).

To hear the album head on over to the album pageclick here for a full length featured track and featured below we have the promo video for the recent release.

More Reviews in for John O’Gallagher’s WWR Release from The Blue Moment, O’s Place, Steptempest, Mention in Modern Drummer

WebernMore reviews and mentions in today for our latest release by leading New York saxophonist John O’Gallagher. The Anton Webern Project has created a storm of positive reviews, with more from The Blue Moment, O’s Place, Step Tempest plus a mention in Modern Drummer.

The Blue Moment affirm: “I can personally testify that you don’t need an intimate familiarity with the Webern compositions on which these eight pieces are based, or even with dodecaphony in general, in order to enjoy a very stimulating experience..” and “..the music is intense and highly detailed, but it never sounds overwritten or corsetted” continuing to say that “..The essential spontaneity of jazz pervades this music — which, given the degree of preparation involved, is quite an achievement.” 

Step Tempest says “The Anton Webern Project will appeal to listeners who enjoy creative challenges, music that hits hard with excellent arrangements and feisty musicianship.”


Below is an excerpt from O’s Place: 
“Saxophonist John O’Gallagher pays homage to Anton Webern; a classical Austrian composer known for his twelve-tone techniques and contributions to total serialism. He gets help from a strong team including Mat Moran (vibes), Tyshawn Sorey (d) and Pete McCann (g). O’Gallagher takes on the task of transforming Webern’s pieces to jazz. It comes across as modern jazz/jazz-fusion with the overall spirit of free jazz. Margaret Grebowicz adds vocals, notably on “Seventh Ring.”
 To purchase this unique release, please visit the album page.

BIG NEWS: Announcing the Whirlwind Festival October 10-12 at Kings Place in London. 18 Bands, 86 musicians in 3 Days




We were able to have a number of the concerts professionally recorded and you can watch them below. Enjoy
(and stay tuned for more!)



It seems like only yesterday we released our first album Purpose Built by WWR founder and bassist/producer Michael Janisch in early 2010, and here we are a little over three years later with a catalog of 33 releases, with a few more planned for 2013.  We decided it was time to throw our first big party, so what better way than to host a festival, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do on October 10, 11 and 12 this year at one of Europe’s leading cultural landmarks, the Kings Place in London (pic above from the outside (left)).  18 michael-janisch-804932735Bands, all led by WWR artists will be performing across the three days showcasing a big swath of our entire catalog, with nearly 100 world class musicians performing a seriously eclectic mix of modern improvisational music.  Anyone who’s been to Kings Place knows that it’s arguably the best acoustic venue for large concerts in London, and our various shows will take place in the grand Hall 1 (above pic right), Hall 2 and the St. Pancras Room. There will be double bills, triple bills, free events, educational workshops, day passes, early bird tickets, some surprises we can’t mention yet, and even a WWR festival ticket which will allow fans to see nearly every single show at the festival across the entire three days. Below is the comprehensive schedule as it stands today and please note we’ll be adding a lot more information to this page in the coming weeks.

You can get tickets for all the individual events here. | Click here for Festival & Day Passes!!

WWR would like to give a big thank to Arts Council England for their generous support in funding our first festival. 



Thursday Oct 10, 2013 Schedule

suchers_cover_2St. Pancras Room: 6:30 – 7:30 pm:  Ollie Howell Quintet. Official Album Launch Party for Sutures & Stitches  PURCHASE TICKETSOllie Cymbal

An unbelievable drummer, so creative I couldn’t believe it. This kid really is a 360-degree beautiful young cat that I believe has what it takes to make a life out of music.
-Quincy Jones.Barely into his mid-twenties, Ollie Howell is a multi-award winning drummer, composer, and bandleader with an inspiring story to tell that mixes life and music to the fullest. We’re very happy to be releasing his debut album worldwide on September 23 2013. Currently based in London, and already establishing a name for himself both in the UK and abroad, Ollie is wowing audiences around the globe with his creativity, dynamism and stunning improvisations, as well as a highly acclaimed repertoire of original music. Since 2009, Ollie has also become the mentee of musical legend Quincy Jones.

His debut Sutures and Stitches contains a superb collection of original compositions, featuring some of the brightest emerging stars on the UK scene and should prove to be one of the highlight debut releases of 2013. The album also has an incredible back-story. In 2009 Ollie was diagnosed with a brain malformation called Arnold Chiari Type 2, which meant that over the past few years he has had several neurosurgeries, the latest being in April 2012. All of the music on this album was written during, and influenced by, the incredible journey that Ollie went through during this defining point in his life.  As noted by jazz legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb, “Ollie is an important rising star and well on the way to forging an exciting musical career.” 

This album launch concert will feature:  Ollie Howell – Drums, Max Luthert – Double Bass, Matt Robinson – Piano, Duncan Eagles – Tenor Saxophone & Mark Perry – Trumpet. 


OCT 10, Hall 1, 8 – 11 pm, Triple Bill:
Partikel | Alex Garnett & Nick Vayenas Quintet | Gareth Lockrane’s Grooveyard Unplugged
A phenomenal billing to kick off the first of three special triple-bills at Kings Place, this event showcases some of the most dynamic and eclectic young artists on the London scene and beyond, with a headlining performance by the winner of MOJO Magazine’s ‘Jazz Album of the Year 2012’, Gareth Lockrane.

8pm: Partikel plays music from Cohesion:     PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS TRIPLE BILL CONCERT

cohesionSince releasing their eponymous debut album in 2010, London, UK based contemporary jazz trio Partikel (Duncan Eagles – Tenor Saxophone, Max Luthert – Double Bass & Eric Ford – Drums) have established themselves as a notable addition to the European creative music scene, known for their high-energy live performances and striking originality. Having spent 18 months performing new music across Europe while holding regular rehearsals, the band has gone into the studio and the result of this intense period of music making is now documented on Cohesion, their latest release for Whirlwind Recordings.

According to tenor saxophonist Duncan Eagles, “Most of the new songs that made it onto this album we have been playing in for a long time, developing it on the bandstand and rehearsal room, but the way we were playing this music a year ago is a world apart from how you will hear it on Cohesion.
2012_partikelThe sound palette displayed on Cohesion ranges from across the musical spectrum. “The three of us are always checking out what each other are listening to, as well as going out together to hear all kinds of different live music,” states Eagles. There are influences from North African and Latin American culture as well as more Western sounds from Jazz, Funk and Classical music, all held together with soulful melodies and a virtuosic band sound and energy. The result of constant touring is also clearly evident on Cohesion, which presents a fresh, melodic and fiercely interactive set of passionate and sincere music, while presenting an original take on the classic jazz saxophone trio format. The unanimous declaration amongst the UK press as of late is that Partikel is one of the UK’s hottest new prospects, and with the release of Cohesion the band surely proves themselves worthy of this praise.  This concert will feature Partikel :-).

Oct 10th Hall 1, 9pm: The Alex Garnett & Nick Vayenas Quintet play music from Serpent and official European album launch for Some Other Time   PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS TRIPLE BILL CONCERT


This is a star-studded event featuring the London-based saxophonist and composer Alex Garnett and the NYC-based trumpeter, trombonist and vocalist Nick Vayenas.  Both artists comfortably work across genres from pop to rock to contemporary jazz and boast a collective performance resume with such diverse heavyweights as The Rolling Stones, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Michael Buble, Lionel Loueke and Sir John Dankworth. 

Both leaders have also released critically-acclaimed WWR albums, and tonight they will be showcasing music from Garnett’s debut album Serpent (one of the most highly praised debuts on our roster) which was recorded at the famed Systems Two Studios in NYC and features Willie Jones III, Anthoney Wonsey & Michael Janisch, along with music from Vayenas’ pending NOV 2013 follow-up WWR release Some Other Time, which boasts a bumper-crop of some of NY’s finest improvising musicians.

Femi TemowoRounding out this all star ensemble will be special guest guitarist Femi Temowo, one of the UK’s most celebrated guitarist/composers, having performed with everyone from Amy Winehouse to Soweto Kinch to Courtney Pine, as well as WWR’s founder and world-renowned bassist Michael Janisch and Spanish drumming sensation Mark Ayza.


“[Serpent] reveals a compositional sharpness that makes this new solo career look like a long-term one… full of exhilarating melodic turns… it’s an unexpected gem.”
**** 4 Stars, The Guardian

“Having an original sound is crucial to being a jazz artist, [on ‘Nick Vayenas’] Vayenas has got a great, identifiable sound that is all his own….and Lionel Loueke is perfect as he flourishes in a playing situation similar to his stints with Herbie Hancock.” – The Entertainment Bank


Oct 10th, Hall 1, 10 pm: Gareth Lockrane’s Grooveyard Unplugged plays The Strut, MOJO Magazines Jazz Album of the Year 2012:  PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS TRIPLE BILL CONCERT

The Strut Album CoverTHE STRUT (named “Jazz Album of the Year” in MOJO Magazine 2012) is the first Whirlwind Recordings album from internationally acclaimed jazz flautist Gareth Lockrane (currently residing in London) and his Hammond Organ Ensemble ‘Grooveyard’. Lockrane is known around the world as one of the most accomplishedGareth+Lockrane, prolific, virtuosic and versatile jazz flautists and composers, boasting an enviable resume full of accolades and awards (he is one of the only non-American jazz artists to maintain a presence in the prestigious ‘Downbeat Magazine Critic’s Poll’ in the ‘Rising-Star Flautist’ Category). Equally skilled as a composer, Lockrane has a Masters Degree from the National Film and Television School, the UK’s most prestigious university for Film Scoring and his musical output is incredible as he leads chamber trios, quartets, quintets, septets (for which he won a Parliamentary Jazz Award in the ‘Best Album’ category for his album No Messin), and even his acclaimed contemporary big band.

The Strut is the long-awaited follow up to Lockrane’s 2003 debut album Put The Cat Out (winner of ‘Best European Jazz Group’ Granada Jazz Festival 2003). This epic, ambitious and stylistically wide-ranging record fuses the spirit of the historic soul-jazz groups of yesteryear alongside contemporary jazz fused with gospel, chamber music, cinematic rock, funk and even world music influences, which showcases the wide-ranging palette of compositional colors and moods Lockrane is so known for. In addition to Lockrane who plays concert, alto & bass flutes, the album also features long-time Grooveyard cohort Alex Garnett on saxophones, inspirational guitar wizard Mike Outram, Hammond organ wunderkind Ross Stanley, drum dynamo Nick Smalley, and guesting on three tracks on wordless vocals is the astonishing Nia Lynn, whose ‘Bannau Trio’ with Gareth Lockrane and Ross Stanley has been quietly ploughing it’s own path in the contemporary chamber jazz world since 2005.

This concert will feature the ‘Unplugged’ version of Grooveyard: Lockrane – flutes, Alex Garnett on Saxophones, Ross Stanley on Piano, Dave Whitford on Double Bass & Tim GIles on Drums. 



Friday Oct 11, 2013 Schedule

St. Pancras Room: 6:30 – 7:30 pm:  Rachael Cohen Group ft Phil Robson: Official debut album launch concert for Halftime.  PURCHASE TICKETS

IMG_0836xcs(mono)(1.5)RC Front Cover (2)Rachael Cohen, originally from the Shetland Islands and now based in London, is an alto saxophonist and composer on the rise, with an infectious tone and an uncanny-storytelling-ability-when-improvising that defies her age.   As of late, her performances and composing skills have gained her a great deal of attention and some major awards and nominations from the UK Jazz Press & Community.  One of Rachael’s best attributes is her lyrical and controlled phrasing when improvising, which she delivers with the ease and sophistication of someone twice her age.  And her sidewoman credentials are very impressive, performing already with such notables as Joe Locke, Arild Andersen, Tommy Smith, John Hollenbeck, Donny McCaslin, Phil Robson, and Gary Versace.
This concert is the official launch of her debut solo album Halftime, which launches officially on October 28 2013.  Her confirmed quartet is an exciting cast of players with a big special guest: with regular member of her trio Jim Bashford on drums, bassist Calum Gourlay (a WWR regular) & special guest and WWR Artist Phil Robson on guitar, all who appear on her debut. 
More information on Rachael’s release to come soon.


Oct 11, Hall 1, 8 – 11 pm, Triple Bill:

The Whirlwind Quartet (Crowley/Gibbs/Burton/Hamblett) | Konrad Wiszniewski & Euan Stevenson’s New Focus |

Four of Europe’s guiding lights and in-demand jazz musicians make up The Whirlwind Quartet. New Focus is an award winning, genre-bending 9-piece ensemble from Scottish musicians Euan Stevenson & Konrad Wiszniewski. The multi-award winning guitar wizard Phil Robson leads an all-star quintet performing music from The Immeasurable Code.

8 pm: The Whirlwind Quartet ft George Crowley, Euan Burton, Tom Gibbs & Dave Hamblett

Whirlwind 4tet Comp
Four of Europe’s guiding lights and in-demand jazz musicians- still in their twenties- come together to perform as the ‘Whirlwind Quartet‘ to showcase music from each of their critically acclaimed WWR albums.  Saxophonist George Crowley’s debut album Paper Universe, pianist Tom Gibbs’ debut Fear of Flying, double bassist Euan Burton’s Occurrences and drummer Dave Hamblett’s debut Light at Night have made a huge impact on the UK scene (gaining a string of accolades in the press) and established each member as a noteworthy bandleader and composer of considerably depth.  This will be their first performance together and each leader will present a selection of tunes from their respective albums.  Check out each of their promo videos below for more information on what’s in store.















Oct 11, Hall 1, 9 pm:  Konrad Wiszniewski & Euan Stevenson’s 9-Piece Ensemble New Focus

Nominated for the 2013 Scottish AlNew Focus Album Cover WEBbum of the Year Award (SAY Award)New Focus

“Original music that exists virtually in a world of its own.”
(The Herald of Scotland, 5 Stars)

Glasgow based Saxophonist Konrad Wiszniewski joins forces with fellow Scottish compatriot pianist/arranger Euan Stevenson in launching their award winning, genre-bending musical adventure New Focus on Whirlwind Recordings. Featuring a unique amalgamation of classical string quartet meets jazz quartet plus harp, New Focus showcases a cinematic soundscape of through-composed melodies meeting cutting edge improvisation, drawing upon influences from across the musical spectrum. This hefty nine-piece ensemble excitedly features The Glasgow String Quartet (comprising some of the finest virtuosos from The Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and Scotland’s leading string quartet), alongside Stevenson on piano leading the first call drum and bass team of Alyn Cosker (drums) and Michael Janisch (bass), Wiszniewski at the helm on saxophones, and Alina Bzhezhinska on harp.

Stevenson’s tight knit arrangements offer concise, pleasing trajectories, preserving the original sentiment of each composition, enriching them with ever changing soundscapes of strings and harp. Wiszniewski’s tone (capable of sounding as sweet as Getz or as plaintive as Coltrane) tells parables of Polish ancestry while the arranger’s own crystalline piano laments for pit closures in a northern mining town.This is music at its resourceful best; borrowing the harmonies and sonorities of the classical world, the tone poetry of Scottish Folk, the directness of pop, and all mixed with the bustling edginess of jazz rhythms and improvisation. Duke Ellington famously quipped that there were only two categories of music – good and bad. New Focus most definitely belongs to the former.

This concert features Konrad Wiszniewski on saxophones, Euan Stevenson on Piano, Michael Janisch on Double Bass, Andrew Bain on Drums + String Quartet (TBC) and Harp (TBC).

OCT 11, Hall 1, 10 pm: Phil Robson’s IMS Quintet ft Stan Sulzmann play The Immeasurable Code


The multi-award winning guitar wizard Phil Robson (Parliamentary Jazz Musician of the Year) is one of the Stan SulzmannUK’s most celebrated jazz musicians and leads an all-star quintet performing music from The Immeasurable Code, his debut WWR release.   In this line up is the award winning flautist Gareth Lockrane alongside one of the most iconic saxophonists in UK history, Stan Sulzmann, and also features the world renowned virtuoso drumming of Cuban-Born Ernesto Simpson (Richard Bona, Gonzalo Rubalcaba) and WWR’s own founder and first-call bassist Michael Janisch. This is a transatlantic supergroup not to be missed and a perfect way to end day two of the WWR festival.

Phil Robson’s IMS (Instant Message Service) Quintet, were captured live during their inaugural January 2011 European tour. The band gelled instantly and within a few concerts sounded as though it had been together for years, with each player having enough space in Robson’s compositions to bring their unique qualities to the overall sound (a consistent feature of Robson’s approach over the years with his other bands including Partisans and 6 Strings & the Beat). The compositions reflecsimpsont the breadth of Robson’s experience & influences, made cohesive by the depth of feeling of the pieces and playing, with a love of groove at the center. The album also contains some rarely captured (and amazing) examples of Mark Turner playing the soprano sax as well as, of course, his formidable searing tenor playing.

This concert features Robson on guitars, Stan Sulzmann – saxophones, Gareth Lockrane – flutes, Michael Janisch – bass and Ernesto Simpson – drums.


OCT 12, Hall 1, 2 pm, Double Bill:

Robert Mitchell plays ‘The Glimpse’ ft Eska Mtungwazi | Romain Pilon Album Launch for Colorfield featuring Logan Richardson PURCHASE TICKETS

Robert Mitchell, one of the UK’s most celebrated pianists, performs music from The Glimpse, a left hand only album. French guitarist Romain Pilon celebrates the release of his WWR debut Colorfield, featuring US Altoist Logan Richardson.

2 pm: Robert Mitchell performs music from his ground-breaking WWR album The Glimpse

Robert Mitchell Steinway_2_webESKA_NEWPRESSRobert Mitchell, one of the UK’s most celebrated pianists has recently released a truly groundbreaking solo piano album, The Glimpse, using only his left hand.  Listen in as he performs music that celebrates left-hand only piano playing and what he’s learned from researching its history.  “The piano allows this single hand music to be possible – but I am sure it is not alone in this respect. Given the circumstances – and hugely determined individuals or groups – other instruments have been, or will go through the same process. The concepts surrounding the normal or correct way to play take ages to arrive at. But I don’t think they will ever stop evolving. And certainly – creativity doesn’t listen. It can illuminate the most impossible of situations – and bestow the most graceful solution. In its own time! I look forward to doing more in this area. And to many more fascinating conversations that have resulted from this project.” – Robert Mitchell

The very special guest for this concert will be one of the most gifted vocalists/performers in the world today.  Zimbabwe-born and London-raised artist/composer/producer ESKA comes from a rich musical background. As a vocalist, her legendary virtuosity has attracted the attentions of a host of acclaimed artists – the likes of Tony Allen and David Sylvian, to name a few.



Her vocal arrangements have credits on 3 Mercury-nominated albums. For her solo project, she chose to work alongside artist-producer Matthew Herbert. As a conductor, ESKA has led a 150-voice choir for Bobby McFerrin and is Music Director for Goldsmiths Vocal Ensemble (University of London) who have performed with Matthew Herbert’s Big Band and alongside ESKA on her sold-out full length debut of English Skies at Queen Elizabeth Hall. ESKA’s latest Gatekeeper EP is released on her Earthling label. (photo by Rebecca Bellantoni)

This concert will feature Robert Mitchell on solo grand piano and Eska Mtungwazi, voice


OCT 12, Hall 1, 3:20 pm: Romain Pilon Album Launch Concert for Colorfield featuring alto saxophonist Logan Richardson PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS DOUBLE BILL CONCERT

Romain Pilonromain_pilon_cover_colorfield “Romain Pilon plays with a trueness that is missing in a lot of guitarist today. A knowledge of the past, and a foot in the future. Lyrical and conscience of pure sound.” Mike MORENO

“Romain Pilon is a guitarist full of surprises. He has a flawless technique and a great harmonic sense. He is someone to keep an eye on.”

Logan RichardsonAccolades like the above do not come easy and French guitarist Romain Pilon is known in his homeland as one of the most talented young musicians of his generation, and comes to the UK to celebrate the release of his debut for WWR titled Colorfield (released Sept 9 2013) which features an all-star cast of Walter Smith III on tenor saxophone, Michael Janisch on double bass and Jamire Williams on drums.  For this performance he has called upon special guest alto saxophonist Logan Richardson who has been regarded by many as one of the most distinct global voices in contemporary improvised music. On double bass is Michael Janisch from the album and newcomer Gautier Garrigue on drums, one of the most celebrated young drummers from Paris. Book early for this show as it will sell out fast!









OCT 12,  Hall 1, 4:45 pm, Double Bill:

Patrick Cornelius Official European Album Launch for Infinite Blue ft. Jason Rebello | Jim Hart’s The Cloudmakers Trio   PURCHASE TICKETS

A potent double bill of some of the most in demand musicians of their generation from both the NYC and London scenes, known for their innate virtuosity and wide-reaching compositional skills.

4:45: Patrick Cornelius Album Launch for Infinite Blue ft. Jason Rebello

 Infinite Blue Low ResPatrick CorneliusInfinite Blue is the second album for Whirlwind Recordings by the award-winning New York-based Saxophonist and Composer Patrick Cornelius, and represents the refinement of melodic concepts that he has been exploring for years (and over the course of 3 previous solo albums). The idea of telling a story through the contour of melody and the color of orchestration continues to fascinate the young bandleader. Every song written for this new release tells a discrete story, either from the composer’s personal experience or some corner of his imagination. To bring such specifically programmatic music to life, he enlisted an A-List of musicians with a keen ability to accompany and improvise with an ear towards musical narrative, including pianist Frank Kimbrough, trumpeter Mike Rodriguez, trombonist Nick Vayenas, bassist Michael Janisch and drummer Jeff Ballard.

RebelloThe special guest in Patrick’s quartet is multi-Grammy Award Winning pianist and composer Jason Rebello, who’s one of finest musicians to ever come from Britain.  He has performed with Peter Gabriel, Phil Colliins, Wayne Shorter, Jeff Beck and Sting as a result of his uncanny technique, diversity and adaptability as well as leading his own award-winning ensembles. 
This concert features Patrick Cornelius, Jason Rebello (piano), Michael Janisch (double bass) & Andrew Bain (drums).

Oct 12, Hall 1, 6:15 pm: The Cloudmakers Trio  PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS DOUBLE BILL CONCERT

the cloudmakers trioThe Cloudmakers Trio represents the culmination of nearly seven years of musical growth between three of the finest in demand younger generation musicians currently working on the international jazz, improvised and creative music scene. Their enviable resumes boast a collective experience working across all genres of music while enjoying first call status to the stars. And they have no boundaries– everyone from Wynton Marsallis to Evan Parker to Sir John Dankworth to Outhouse Ruhabi to Lee Konitz to Stan Sulzman have hired these popular musicians for their virtuosity and unbridled creativity, securing their reputations as guiding lights amongst musicians of their generation.

Consisting of leader Jim Hart on vibraphone, Michael Janisch on double bass and Dave Smith on drums, the trio now serves as the focus of Hart’s new compositions and arrangements. The Cloudmakers Trio officially formed in July, 2010 and embarked on a critically acclaimed inaugural tour around the UK (which included Ralph Alessi on trumpet) and fortunately the music on Live at the Pizza Express, their debut album, was captured live during this tour.

The Cloudmakers Trio aspires its sounds to defy category and draw influences from all of humanity’s music traditions, while maintaining a devotion to raw energy, in the moment risk taking, a dedication to groove and rhythm, strong melody and above all transcending themselves and the listener through their music to that magical place that can only exist when musicians of this level come together to perform with true empathy.



OCT 12 Hall 2, 8:00 pm, Double Bill

Mike Gibbs 12 Piece Ensemble Album Launch | Nia Lynn’s ‘Bannau Trio’ Album Launch for Point of View ft Norma Winstone PURCHASE TICKETS

A twelve piece ensemble, a contemporary chamber jazz trio, masters of music meet some of the most important younger generation musicians in a concert billing not to be missed.

8:00 pm: Mike Gibbs 12 piece Ensemble Album Launch for Mike Gibbs + 12 play Gil Evans

MG LOW RES“The first Gil Evans music I ever heard was hi Gil Evans + Ten album – that was in the late 1950s – and it’s still reverberating. This selection includes adaptions of some favorite Gil arrangements, and a few of my own explorations.” – Mike Gibbs, 2013

Mike Gibbs is arguably one of the most important living composers and arrangers working in the jazz and improvised music idiom. He has worked with legendary artists including Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, John Schofield and Peter Gabriel in a career that spans four decades. The 76 year old Gibbs, according to The Guardian “still sparks subtly hamonized thrills from a jazz orchestra in ways that few can,” and it’s with great excitement Whirlwind Recordings has been able to capture Mike Gibbs + 12 play Gil Evans performing arrangements of Gil Evans material, adapted to mark the celebration of Evan’s 100th anniversary. There’s also a helping of Gibb’s originals and works by some of his favorite composers including Carla Blaey and Thelonious Monk. The 12-piece ensemble recorded all the material on the album in just one day and features an eclectic mix of some of the most important improvisers living in the UK, with each track featuring at least one soloist from the 12 piece.

This concert features:  Mike Gibbs – Conductor, Arranger & Composer, Hans Koller – Piano, Julian Siegel – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, 
Finn Peters – Alto Saxophone, Flutes, Lluis Mather – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinets Percy Pursglove – Trumpet, Robbie Robson – Trumpet, Joe Aukland – Trumpet, Jim Rattigan – French horn, Mark Nightingale – Trombone, Sarah Williams – Bass trombone, tuba, 
Michael Janisch – Double bass, Andrew Bain – Drums

OCT 12, Hall 2, 9:30 pm: Nia Lynn’s ‘Bannau Trio’ Album Launch for Point of View ft. Norma Winstone PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS DOUBLE BILL CONCERT

Nia_Lynn_-33preview-norma-winstoneNia Lynn is one of the UK’s most creative vocalists and emotive songwriters. Tonight she launches her debut WWR release Point of View which features her contemporary chamber-jazz group Bannau Trio (with flautist Gareth Lockrane and pianist Ross Stanley). The very special guest (who also appears on the album) is the one and only Norma Winstone, one of the UK’s musical treasures whose career has spanned over forty years at the forefront of European contemporary music.

“Fearlessly interactive, a real musicians singer” Pete ChurchillNL Front Cover

“Norma Winstone is one of the glories of Contemporary Jazz” –Jazz Journal

This concert will feature: Nia Lynn (vocals), Gareth Lockrane (flutes), Ross Stanley (grand piano) & special guest Norma Winstone (vocals).

More information on this special release concert coming soon.


October 12, Hall 1, Triple Bill:

Zhenya Strigalev’s Smiling Organizm Quartet ft. Jason Yarde | Andre Canniere’s Coalescence Album Launch | The Aruan Ortiz & Michael Janisch Quintet ft. Greg Osby play Banned in London PURCHASE TICKETS

A triple bill for the stars and a huge closer for the first WWR Records Festival. Featuring alto saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev, American trumpeter Andre Canniere and international collaboration Aruán Ortiz & Michael Janisch Quintet feat. Greg Osby.

8:00 pm. Zhenya Strigalev’s Smiling Organizm Quartet ft. Jason Yarde.

Zhenya StrigalevJason-YardeAlto saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev has fire, grace and edgy attitude. A young virtuoso forging an increasingly high profile international presence, Strigalev has cut a dynamic path between the London and New York jazz scenes. He’s worked with some of today’s most forward-thinking musicians such as Chris Dave, Eric Harland, Larry Grenadier, Liam Noble and appeared at many of the world’s leading jazz festivals, performing extensively in Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, France and Britain. Now with four solo albums under his belt, Zhenya Strigalev reached a new level of artistic maturity on his superb new solo album Smiling Organizm.

Composer, arranger, producer, musical director and saxophonist Jason Yarde writes music that has been described as powerful, spiritual, evocative, rhapsodic, hair-raising and formidable. He composes across various styles (progressive jazz, classical, hip-hop, fusion, free improvisation, broken beats, R&B, reggae, soul, song writing) and his potential and originality is such that he was nominated for the Bird Award at the 2004 North Sea Jazz Festival and for the Jazz on 3 Innovation Award for the 2005 and 2006 BBC Jazz Awards.
This concert features Strigalev and Yarde on Alto Saxophone, Mark Lewandoski (bass) and Ben Browns (drums)

OCT 12, Hall 1, 9 pm: Andre Canniere Group presents: Coalesence Album Launch
Coalescence Album Cover

Canniere2American trumpeter Andre Canniere has established himself as a leading figure on the UK jazz scene and is arguably one of the finest composers of his generation. His debut WWR album Forward Space received a rare five-star review from The Guardian and a Mercury Prize recommendation. Tonight he launches his second WWR album Coalescence with his UK group of all-star musicians.

Canniere’s writing is typified by a keen knowledge of the trends in contemporary music and displays his powerful but melodic approach to improvising, as well as memorable themes that often cross the traditional boundaries of genre, infusing an ear pleasing mix of jazz and classical styles while drawing inspiration from folk, rock and pop music.

This cimagesoncert features Ivo Neame (piano), Hannes Riepler (guitar), Ryan Treblicock (double bass), & Jon Scott (drums).

“Trumpeter Andre Canniere is yet another young musician who seeks to make music that not only draws on the worlds of Jazz, but also of Rock and elsewhere… the compositions are a far cry from the staid template contained on many Jazz records… harmonic drama and consistently shifting rhythmic sequences.” -Cadence Magazine.

‘Exhilarating’ The Guardian ★★★★★

OCT 12, 10 pm, Hall 1: The Aruan Ortiz & Michael Janisch Quintet ft Greg Osby

AO & MJ QuintetThe Aruán Ortiz & Michael Janisch Quintet is an international collaboration of the highest order.  The two leaders have performed at the forefront of the contemporary jazz scene for the last decade with artists such as Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz, Dianne Reeves, Terry Lynn-Carrington & Wallace Rooney. The quintet features one of the world’s most celebrated creative musicians, special guest alto saxophonist Greg Osby, alongside perennial award-winning Spanish trumpeter Raynald Colom and drummer Marc Ayza (one of Spain’s top musicians). The AO/MJ Quintet will be performing music from their debut album Banned in London which has been heralded in the press as one of the best live releases of the past year. It is only appropriate, therefore, that this supergroup closes the first WWR Festival with a bang. 


‘It could turn out that the best live jazz album released in the US this year will be one recorded at a British pizza joint in 2011.’
JazzTimes Magazine

‘A scintillating Quintet’ 4 1/2 Stars, Downbeat Magazine

‘A five-star transatlantic group… it’s jazz as a truly global artform’
BBC Radio Three





Review from Jazzwise, The Jazz World, O’s Place, Stone Tempest PLUS Mention in Modern Drummer for recent release ‘The Listener’ by Jeff Williams –

The Listener Low ResJeff Williams, a drummer who’s career has spanned four decades and has performed with a vast array of leading jazz musicians (including Stan Getz, Lee Konitz, Dave Liebman and Lookout Farm, Joe Lovano, Paul Bley, Bill McHenry, Ethan Iverson, Tony Malaby, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, Lee Konitz, Phil Robson, Martin Speake, Bobo Stenson and many more) last month released his second album on WWR – The ListenerThe album has already had many great reviews with even more today from Jazzwise, O’s Place, The Jazz WorldStep Tempest and a mention in Modern Drummer

The Step Tempest say that “The Listener is filled with long stretches of rewarding moments, from the interplay of a snappy rhythm to heartfelt ballads” and noted by The Jazz World as an “exhilarating live set.” 

Below we have featured an excerpt from O’s Place: 

“Drummer Jeff Williams leads a quartet sans piano with Duane Eubanks (t), John O’Gallagher (sax) and John Hebert (b). Williams splits time between New York and London and decided to bring his NY-based quartet to London for a tour. The Listener is a live set at The Vortex Jazz Club during May 2012. They play eight songs, four written by Williams, two from Eubanks, one by Hebert and a cover. Jeff sticks to his mantra of playing within the music, not over thinking what to play. Herbert does a fine job leading the melodies on several tracks.  Never let an ocean prevent sharing of the hard bop/free jazz movement!”

Check out Jeff’s album on the album page, which includes samples of each track and information on the album, art work and quote highlights. We have featured below a full length track from the album entitled ‘Beer and Water’.