Happy Holidays from Whirlwind Recordings!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you have a great holiday season and usher in the new year with celebration and bliss! Thank you on behalf of all the artists and everyone here at WWR for your support of creative music.  2011 was a huge step for WWR, and 2012 will be even bigger.  Lots of things are planned even beyond some 12 scheduled releases, so come back soon and thank you again for your great support.  Happy Holidays!


Andre Canniere ‘Forward Space’ Now available for purchase exclusively at WWR.

Andre Canniere, an American trumpeter, composer, bandleader and film scorer now based in London, is officially releasing his next album ‘Forward Space’ in January of 2012.  But….. Just in time for your last minute holiday shoppers we’ve just got them hot off the press and they are now available as advance copies exclusively here on this site until the official release date of 23/01/12.  Click on Andre’s image over to the left on the home page, or go to the Store/CD area of the site.  

We’re really excited about this album– Andre’s writing has something very special.  He’s accomplished the seemingly difficult task in contemporary jazz of creating music that allows the band to explore over tricksy forms and harmonies while maintaining a central focus on poignant and strong melodies that anyone can hear immediately as a ‘song.’   You would think this would be the intent of any jazz musician, but many times we see too much focus on ‘head’ and not ‘heart’ in contemporary jazz.  This is not the case with Andre– and some of the tracks rock out as well!  It’s a great eclectic mix of sounds… Don’t miss out on this record if you’re a fan of strong melody and unexpected turns in music!

Alex Garnett & Phil Robson make JazzWise album of the year list for 2011, Jeff Williams one to watch…

Alex Garnett’s ‘Serpent’ and Phil Robson’s ‘The Immeasurable Code’ have both made ‘best albums of 2011′ list for JazzWise magazines’ critics poll.  Jeff Williams has also been singled out by the magazine as being ‘one to watch’ for 2012, as he will be embarking on a major UK tour in support of his critically acclaimed WWR release ‘Another Time’.  The tour will include a headlining berth at one of the UK’s most high profile and musically ambitious jazz festivals, The Cheltenham International Jazz Festival.  More details to come on this tour. Congrats to Alex, Phil and Jeff!