13th April 2017: ★★★★ Jazzwise Magazine review for ‘Roots of Unity’ by Escape Hatch (Ivo Neame, Andrea Di Biase, Dave Hamblett and Julian Argüelles) + new video and Vortex date 15th April


“Sensually hypnotic and thematically cohesive… Exhilarating contemporary jazz.”
★★★★ Jazzwise Magazine (website)


A collaborative concept from double bassist Andrea Di Biase and British pianist Ivo Neame, the line-up for Escape Hatch is completed by London-based drummer Dave Hamblett and guest saxophonist Julian Argüelles.

This Saturday at Vortex Jazz Club, Escape Hatch will be performing music from recent release Roots of UnityThey will be joined from Copenhagen by saxophonist Francesco Bigoni. (Tickets)

‘Hysterical Revisionism’ (left) recorded live in Milan.