7th November 2017: ​★★★★​ reviews from The Guardian, Jazzwise Magazine and All About Jazz + Jazzwise Magazine feature amongst press highlights for Rez Abbasi’s Unfiltered Universe ft Vijay Iyer, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Johannes Weidenmueller and Dan Weiss

Completing a trilogy of albums whose compositions are infused with the various, colorful strands of traditional music from his Pakistani/Indian homeland, New York guitarist Rez Abbasi’s Unfiltered Universe presents the line-up of pianist Vijay Iyer, alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, bassist Johannes Weidenmueller and drummer Dan Weiss, plus guest appearances from renowned classical cellist Elizabeth Mikhael.

Previous releases Things to Come and Suno Suno focused, respectively, on Hindustani and Qawwali music, whereas this collection of seven new numbers explores and embraces the more rhythmically exuberant, South Asian elements of Carnatic instrumental music.



Latest press for Unfiltered Universe:” include a feature and ★★★★ review in Jazzwise Magazine (click image above and below) and the following highlights:

“An action packed gala… Tightly coordinated unison choruses and accenting cadences, Abassi’s dark-toned electric guitar phrasings and Mahanthappa’s bristling sax notes signify a potent force-field atop the pulsating rhythm section.”
​★★★★​ ​All About Jazz​ (full review)

“Vigorous, gripping, modern jazz that maximises the strengths of each ensemble member… Strapping guitar tone and lissome improvisations… Endless wonder and suspense.”
★★★★​ Jazzwise Magazine (website)

“Expressive and imaginative improvisation… an admirable display of skill worthy of widespread attention.”
Jazz and Blues Blog Spot (full review)

“The dense, rigorous Propensity unfolds over a stealthily time-bending bassline and features Mahanthappa’s blistering avant-bop sax improv, while the title track lays a kind of Indo-Latin feel beneath Abassi’s lissom guitar lines…. [Abbassi is] an emerging force with his own voice.”
★★★★ The Guardian (full review)

“A compelling experience.”
Bebop Spoken Here (full review)

“A line-up in a class of it’s own.”
Rheinmain Magazine (website)